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Intermate Winter Retreat 2022

Level up your hoop skills
– for total beginners right through to advanced hoopers.
Unlock your flow and discover the dance in hoop dance.
Learn loads of new moves, techniques, tricks and styles.
Dive into play, connect with your inner child.
Experience a range of activities.
Meet amazing people and reconnect with yourself.
Enjoy daily yoga, stretching and myofascial release.
Chill out, reflect and tap into your zen with reflective meditation.
Dive into an active getaway where you will learn, connect, vibe and more.
Embrace a lush weekend away with options to unwind or push your mind and body.
Lap up the warm, welcoming and supportive space that is on offer.
Truly pamper yourself with delicious food and wonderful company in a stunning location.
Consider Hoop Away winter retreat 2023 your time to shine, chill, giggle, rest and play.

Hoop Away Winter Retreat July 2022

“Hoop Away is the most accepting and amazing experience you could probably ever have. I feel like I have really let go and have learnt to trust my body and the movement. I have felt the freedom to truly be myself.”  – Lizzy

Hoop Away is Australia’s only winter hula hoop retreat

A curated experience of flow, choreography and technical workshops, offering a space to reconnect with body and spirit, expand your dance and be welcomed into a vibrant global community.

Our winter Hoop Away happens in Healesville at a Buddhist retreat centre every July. The centre is surrounded by native bushland and is really LUSH! It’s an easy 1 hour’s drive from Melbourne. With a maximum of 24 participants, the retreat provides an intimate setting with a maximum of 9 people in each workshop. Hoop Away is all about connection, exploration, play, inspiration and levelling up your hooping – wherever you are at in your hoop journey. It’s a weekend away with a focus on YOU.

When: 7 – 9 July 2023
Where: Maitripa Centre, Healesville

Details of our winter retreat 2023 teachers and workshops, accommodation, food and location is below.

Let’s hoop together.

“A weekend away that was jam-packed with a great variety of hooping and other activities, excellent food, great vibes and a really safe and inclusive space.”



Laura Aszman - Hoop Away Retreat Instructor

New to Australia from Portland, Oregon, Laura has been teaching hoop dance for a decade. Her dance focused style embraces sensuality, flow and grace. Laura’s joyful approach to teaching encourages her students to listen and respond to not only music, but to their state of mind and individual bodies; to inspire a unique, liberating improvisational flow state.

Laura has studied under the pioneers of contemporary hoop dance including Anah “Hoopalicious” Reichenbach and Brecken Rivara and further developed her unique meditative approach under Jonathan Livingston Baxter.

Most of her life dancing made her feel vulnerable and awkward. Once she began exploring movement with the hoop, a deeper connection to her body naturally unfolded. The hoop has been by far Laura’s best dance teacher. It is her movement meditation, her passion and life practice.

Laura is also participating in the embodied leadership program through Soul Motion. Don’t miss this opportunity to dive into the unique combination of conscious dance and hooping.

Laura - Hoop Away Retreat Victoria 2021



Hannah Indigo - Hoop Away Winter Retreat 2023 | Hoop Sparx

“I started hula hooping when I was 23. My first hula hoop was a Christmas gift, and I honestly didn’t know what to do with it! Soon enough, I fell head over heels in love with all things hula hooping.”

Hannah has studied and trained with some of the best in the business in all parts of the world, from Turkey to the USA to New Zealand to right here in Australia.

They’ve worked for companies like Ford and Google and been a part of annual events such as Dark Mofo, Vivid Sydney and the Australian Burlesque Festival to name a few.

“Hannah Indigo combines their rockstar attitude with a die-hard love for hair metal to bring you shows that are unique, explosive and outrageously OTT, a sight not to be missed!”

Hoop Away – it’s gonna get wild.

Hannah Indigo - Hoop Away Retreat Winter 2023 VIC | Hoop Sparx
Hannah Indigo - Hoop Away Retreat Winter 2023 VIC | Hoop Sparx



Abrakasamuel - Hoop Away Winter Retreat 2023 | Hoop Sparx

Abrakasamuel’s passion for movement began when he cartwheeled out of the womb on to the stage of life. He found circus while in his final year of studying a Bachelor of Performance and has been in love ever since.

Sam felt an instant affinity to hooping. It is a tool he uses to express himself in unique ways and he loves the way it subverts people’s expectations – transforming a kid’s toy into a captivating movement artform for people to witness and be inspired by. Hooping provides an invitation to reconnect with the early childhood memories of trying something new, enjoying the process of learning, moving your body and reconnecting with that joyous state of childlike wonderment.

He’s performed throughout NSW and VIC and taught at festivals around the world from Esoteric to the European Juggling Convention!

Fun fact: he once starred in a music video!

Teaching in circus schools around Australia, Abrakasamuel is dedicated to sharing his joy and extensive knowledge of circus to everyone he meets. He has a multidisciplinary, playful and creative approach to hooping and helps others to find their own unique creative expression as well.

Sam will be sharing some epic hoop tech at Hoop Away as well as being The Bringer of The Silly Games. Some of his favourite include Gladiator, Robots, Entanglement, Space Time Continuum and Zip Zap Zoom. Be ready to giggle your pants off. Well, not literally but ya know…

“I also love the way that the simple act of hooping can challenge many people’s idea of gender and sexuality, making people question why we attach gender to inanimate objects.
I think I could write an essay on the love I have for hooping but overall I love the playful, creative and sassy energy that it can evoke in people including myself and how unifying, joyous and creative it can be.” Let’s play!



Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

Donna Sparx - Hoop Away Retreat Instructor

Donna is a hula hoop dancer, teacher, performer and lover with a background in Creative Arts.

Recognised globally for her creativity, innovation, flow facilitation and playful approach, she has taught thousands of people to hula hoop and performed with the Women’s Circus, bringing a passion and playfulness to her work that is infectious.

Fuelled by a passion for transformation and growth on a personal, business, local and global level, she is a born facilitator with an appreciation for the power found in play and flow. This Hoop Away will be the 8th hoop retreat she has coordinated – with many more to come!

When not playing with or teaching hoops, Donna can be found training acro, dancing, inventing new smoothies, getting out of the city, or deciding which leggings will best reflect her mood.

Her motto: Do it ‘til you can. And always spread the sparkle.




Marnie Lane - Hoop Away July 2022 Healesville | Hoop Sparx

Marnie Lane, is a movement artist of 21 years and is regarded as the leading female Contact Staff practitioner in Australia.

She has performed and taught flow arts and yoga throughout Australia, Aotearoa, the UK and Europe.

Marnie is a multi-talented human who will be bringing an overflowing pool of knowledge to share with us at Hoop Away this winter. ⁠

Delving deep into the study of the fluidity and the capabilities of the human body in movement, her cross-discipline approach has led Marnie to explore unusual body pathways, groundwork, and expressions of dance. Marnie combines technical skill with grace, challenging the boundaries of what the mind believes possible in the ways that the human body can interact with a prop.

Marnie is an experienced yoga teacher who will teach us Beginner Contact Staff and guide our daily yoga practise throughout the retreat, allowing us to ground and expand, explore and learn to further support and inform our flow.

Marnie- Hoop Away 2023



HoneyBea - Hoop Away Winter Retreat 2023

HoneyBea is a Chilean-born performer known for her unique artistic expression and passion for folkloric and contemporary dance styles alike. She has studied Fusion and Oriental Bellydance, as well as various other modalities, and has been performing throughout Australia since 2013.

She has always been fascinated with art, culture, and learning new things. Growing up in New Zealand inspired her to start performing from a young age in Latin and Hispanic folkloric groups, sharing her culture and music with locals and working in theatre productions and television. Residing in Melbourne for almost two decades, and teaching and choreographing for the last 5, Bea has taught hundreds of people and been involved in music videos, stage shows, television and online creative projects.

Bea is well known for her variety in styles, from contagiously fun, bouncy and interactive, to dark, earthy and powerful- which is sure to leave you feeling inspired!




Kate Nicalaou - Hoop Away Retreat VIC Winter 2023

Creative spirit, mind healer, smile builder and lifelong fiddler. Kate brings a wealth of experience and skills to all of her workshops. From gut health mircobiomes to plant medicine, detoxifying your home, cultivating slow foods and fermentation to crafternoons and women’s circles facilitation there is always something to learn and share. A mental health clinician by day and busy mum of a neurodiverse family has lead to a passion for cultivating wellness through all manner of creative means. Kate will be sharing the art of basket weaving with us all at Hoop Away.


Deeeeelish vegan and vegetarian meals all weekend. Your tummy and tastebuds will be happy.
Includes dinner on Friday night, three meals on Saturday, and breakfast and lunch on Sunday plus lots of healthy snacks plus morning and afternoon tea in between! Yummmmmmy.


Single and twin share rooms that are heated, super comfy and all linen is provided.
If you are coming on your own, this is an opportunity to meet your new hoop homie, your flowmie!
And, if you are coming with a friend, we will be in touch closer to the retreat to find out who you want to have a sleepover with.


All workshops are included. Tech, tricks, dance, circus, yoga, movement. Expect lots of hoop workshops as well as other workshops too!
And, choose your own adventure - you can come to them all or take some time off to read, relax and explore the beautiful grounds at the Maitripa Centre.

Family Friendly Hula Hoop Retreat


So all you hoop mamas out there can get your hoop on without having to leave bubba at home.

Kids are welcome at the retreat and so is a partner/support person. And – you can share a family room!

Kids under 5 are free – we just ask that you bring your own baby change table and bed as the beds there aren’t safe for toddlers/infants.

How to make this magic happen? The additional charge for meals and accommodation for your partner/support person is $320 and this can be added to your ticket if purchasing online.

Note: For safety reasons, kids are not to enter the workshop spaces.

“Hoop Away is the most accepting and amazing experience you could probably ever have. I feel like I have really let go and have learnt to trust in my body and the movement. I have felt the freedom to truly be myself. Thank you.”

Participant of Hoop Away ‘21, Healesville

An accessible, welcoming retreat that opens time for play, flow, connection & groove. I loved all the sessions and the teachers were all incredible. I learnt something new in every workshop and really developed my existing skills.”

Participant of Hoop Away ‘21, Healesville

“The balance of something new for experienced hoopers and not too difficult for beginners was great.”

Participant at Hoop Away ‘21, Healesville

“A positive and welcoming energy and friendly teachers in a supportive, caring environment with lovely people”

Participant of Hoop Away ‘21, Healesville

“A weekend away that was jam-packed with a great variety of hooping and other activities, excellent food, great vibes and a really safe and inclusive space.”

Participant of Hoop Away ‘21, Healesville

“Hoop Away brings together wonderfully creative women, who all come to share and play and support each other in their hooping journeys – no matter what level. I feel nourished physically, psychologically and spiritually. A great experience if you’re a beginner or a pro.”

Participant of Hoop Away ‘19, Healesville

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