Hoop Away Retreat NZ 2020

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A hula hoop retreat like no other. Waiheke Island, Aotearoa.

An immersive, movement and indigenous cultural experience.

25 hours of workshops. International instructors from America, Australia & New Zealand.

Breathtaking locations. $800 worth of exclusive nature tours, guided sunrise hikes, indigenous & cultural experiences.

The focus is on movement and connection to self, others, land & spirit.

Delicious vegan and vegetarian food.

Marae accommodation.

Tickets: 25 spaces only. Earlybird Tickets and Payment Plans are available.

For more info on workshops & ticketing, see below.

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What is a marae?

A marae is the sacred ancestral meeting house, the focal point of the Maori community – it’s the place to come together, to celebrate, to plan, to grieve, to connect, to gather. It’s a place of connection and community. We will be welcomed onto the land and into the space by the elders.

What to expect at Hoop Away NZ 2020:

It’s an experience.
It’s a journey.
It’s about land and spirit and culture and hoops and you.
We will be training hoops and doing yoga and discovering, going deep, landing.

Workshops include:

  • Hula hooping
  • Dance
  • Yoga
  • Maori Movement
  • Haka
  • Flax Weaving

All Hoop Away Retreat ticket prices are in AUD.

Upfront Super Earlybird Payments: June-August: $1800

Upfront Earlybird Payments: Sept-Oct: $1900

Retreat Ticket: $2000

Retreat Payment Plans:

When you purchase a payment plan, you will be paying for the first payment in a series of payments. You will receive an invoice for future payments based on the payment plan you select. Details about payment plans are in more detail below.


  • 9 x $212 monthly payments;
    Total $1900


  • 8 x $238 monthly payments (Total $1904); or
  • 35 x $55 weekly payments (Total $1925)


  • 7 x $272 monthly payments (Total $1904); or
  • 31 x $63 weekly payments (Total $1953)


  • 6 x $334 monthly payments (Total $2004); or
  • 26 x $78 weekly payments (Total $2028)


  • 5 x $405 monthly payments (Total $2025); or
  • 22 x $93 weekly payments (Total $2046)


  • 4 x $525 monthly payments (Total $2100); or
  • 17 x $122 weekly payments (Total $2125)


  • 3 x $710 monthly payments (Total $2130); or
  • 13 x $165 weekly payments (Total $2145)


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