Rose Tattoo Hula Hoop


Spunk, punk sparkle. Bring on the Rose Tattoo – she’s gonna love you ’til you can’t spin no more.

100% Australian made quality, durable, flexible HDPE plastic for a longer lasting hoop.

Approximate weight: 350g.

Not sure which hoop is right for you? Check out our blog on hoop size & how to select the best hoop for you.


Bumper Sticker

Now you can tell the world what makes you tick with this Hooping is my Heartbeat bumper sticker.

Processed with solvent inks, they are weatherproof and UV resistant. Perfect on cars and windows, these bumper stickers are extremely durable for all weather conditions.

ADD ON: Loopy Luna and The Hula Hoop (kids book)

This is a book about hula hoops, friendship, wild imagination, magical adventures, & a little girl who creates, problem-solves & builds.

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Buy your very own hula hoop for fun, fitness and flow!

Our dance hoop range is hand crafted in Melbourne for exercise, weight loss and hoop dance. Find the hoop that’s right for you in our range of sparkle and styles. Or, email  us to create your own design.

Created from quality, 100% Australian made durable, flexible plastic for a longer lasting hoop.

Which hula hoop is right for you?

This comes down to 2 things: look and size!

All hula hoops have grip tape incorporated into their designs which helps keep them up. Once you have selected a hula hoop design that you love, whose spunkiness will inspire you to play, the next step is choosing the right size.

What size hoop do I need?

As a general guide:

  • 80cm for littlies (up to 6 years old)
  • 90cm for big kids and intermediate hoopers
  • 100cm for beginners
  • 110cm for tall/big build beginners

Bigger hoops give your body more time to learn, connect and respond, making on-body hooping easier.

For beginners, a bigger, heavier hoop is a good place to start. A good size for beginners is the distance from your toes to your belly button. If you are quite tall or have a bigger build, we suggest starting with a 110cm hoop.

As you progress and do more off-body tricks, you may want to buy a smaller and/or lighter hoop.

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100cm, 80cm, 90cm


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