Hoop Sparx hula hoop entertainers will blow you away.

These professional hula hoop performers have brought LED, Fire and Hoop Dance acts to multiple stages here in Australia and internationally. From roving hula hoop performance to stage shows, there is loads to choose from.

Hoop Sparx performers bring a special, dazzling element to corporate and community events, clubs, festivals, markets, birthdays, and special celebrations.

Our team understands what goes on behind the scenes and will work with you to ensure the performance, timing and costuming is a perfect fit for your event.

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Hoop Sparx - Hula Hoop Classes, Parties, Events, Performers

Roving hula hoop performers

Colourful, dynamic, interactive hoopy characters!

Day or night with LED options too. Hoop Sparx roving hula hoop performers can be a little out of the ordinary… Because we want to share the fun around! Roving performers will wow the crowd with their colour, sparkle and hoop skill and then encourage people to give it a try too! We understand that different events have different needs so crowd participation and interactivity is totally optional.

LED hula hoop performers

LED hula hoops really do take it to another dimension.

Available in roving performance or stage acts, skilled performers use mind-bending, colourful LED hoops to light up your night and dazzle the crowd! Fabulous for indoor and outdoor events with low or no lighting. Add another element with LED hula hoop performers.

Hoop Sparx - Hula Hoop Classes, Parties, Events, Performers


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