Foot Hooping Workshop 24 April 2-4PM


Come play footsies with me! 😉 Whether you’ve foot hooped before or not, this workshop will get you doing things with your lower digits and feet that you didn’t think possible.⁠

Scroll down to check out what you’ll learn…

Only 10 spots on offer and payment plans available so you can pay it off over 8 weeks thanks to the Wizpay option. ⁠

When: Sunday 24 April
Time: 2:00 – 4:00pm
Where: Dancehouse, Carlton

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What you’ll learn:

You’ll be met wherever you are at and will learn any and/or all of:⁠
🦶 Foot hooping lying on your back and/or side⁠
🦶 Foot hooping leg raises – a killer ab workout! ⁠
🦶 Foot mandalas⁠
🦶 Foot breaks⁠
🦶 Foot hooping shoulder stand⁠
🦶 Foot hooping shoulder-stand rollover into table-top⁠
🦶 Foot hooping roll from back to belly to back⁠
🦶 Changing feet – the straight way AND the sassy way⁠
🦶 Foot hooping pass to lasso⁠
🦶 Foot hooping side star – standing⁠
🦶 Heel hooping⁠
🦶 Transitions into and out of foot hooping⁠


Basically – we’re gonna roll around on the floor, hoops will be flying everywhere, our bellies will be sore from laughing, and we’ll walk outta there with a tonne of new foot skills and the kinda glowing grin that only hoopers know – you know, the one that lands when you nailed that trick you thought you’d never get? That one… ⁠