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Hoop Sparx offers entertainment for aged care facilities and nursing homes.

Are you looking for fun and fabulous ways to entertain the residents of your aged care facility or nursing home? We will bring the circus to you with our workshops, roving performers, or stage show entertainment.

Our world class performers will light up the lives of your guests with their mesmerising talents. We have jugglers, bellydancers, hula hoopers, acrobats, and more that will bring a sparkle to your eye.

Workshops are a wonderful way to get your residents moving. Customised and tailored to suit your audience, no-one is left behind. There are plenty of props to play with and our qualified and experienced facilitators will make sure every body shines.

Aged Care Entertainment - Circus skills for all ages | Hoop Sparx
Aged Care Workshops & Entertainment | Hoop Sparx


Our circus workshops can be tailored for your residents.We bring a swag of circus toys to play with including hula hoops, juggling balls, poi, spinning plates, and giant bubbles! Activities can be adjusted to work with any mobility issues. There is so much fun to be had.

Circus workshops are a fantastic way to keep moving, and are beneficial for both body and mind. While encouraging physical and mental activity, our workshops will also have your residents giggling and playing like kids again. Circus play is great for neuroplasticity and encourages inclusivity and engagement while also creating an opportunity for residents to learn from one another. Sounds like fun!

Kids Party Giant Bubbles | Hoop Sparx


Hoop Sparx entertainers will impress and amaze! Stages across Australia and the world have seen our professional performers’ LED, fire and circus acts. It’s time to bring them to YOU! Our broad range of unique circus, magic & bellydance acts bring the wow factor! Choose from solo, duo or group acts; ground-based or aerial, with or without LED or fire; ranging from 5-40 minutes. Think hula hoopers, acrobats, jugglers, unicyclists, magicians, belly-dancers to name a few.

You and your audience will be delighted.


Some of the places we have brought the hoop sparkle:

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