Hoop Sparx Entertainment provides workshops and interactive playspaces for events.

Workshops and playspaces are safe, supportive, and inclusive spaces that encourages your attendees to participate and connect while they explore the joys of playtime. Want to run a workshop at your event and also add on a playspace? Packages are available, and discounts apply.

Donna Sparx has over 20 years experience in the events and entertainment industry and is also able to assist event programming design.


Hula hoops and giant bubbles, juggling balls and spinning plates.
Interactive Playspaces are full of toys to play with, discover, explore, and learn.

Hoop Sparx interactive playspaces can run for 1 – 8 hours with all props provided.
*discounts apply


Hooptopia is an interactive hula hoop playspace for all ages. Full of hula hoops of different sizes and colours you will spin, giggle, move, and play. This space is suitable for all ages, shapes, and sizes!

Hosted by a super fun Hoop Sparx facilitator, this is the place to be if you want to play games, learn tricks, and maybe even pick up a hula hoop dance routine!

Get ready to immerse yourself in the circle.

Add Giant Bubbles to your package*

Hooptopia - Hula Hoop Playspace | Hoop Sparx


Bring the circus to your event! A colourfully costumed Hoop Sparx host will demonstrate, teach, and play games with your guests. The playspace is filled with fun circus props waiting to be discovered, played with, and explored. Everyone is invited to get involved and have fun.

  • Spinning Plates
  • Juggling Balls
  • Giant Bubbles
  • Spinning Poi
  • Levi wands
  • Diablo
  • Hula Hoops
  • Dancing Ribbons
  • Giant Jenga
  • Twister


How big a bubble can we make before it pops? Our super special bubble brew is provided along with bubble making shapes of all different sizes for guests to play with. Our bubbly Hoop Sparx facilitator will create bubbles of epic proportions and share tricks.


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Our Hoop Dance workshop is a high vibes session packed with giggles and tricks! Attendees will leave with a hoop dance choreography they can show off to their friends. The workshop can be tailored for adults or children, is set to great music, and will get everyone’s hearts pumping.

A fun and fantastic Hoop Sparx facilitator will guide people of all fitness levels, ages, and abilities through the hula hoop dance workshop. We provide all the hoops you will need. This workshop runs for 60 – 90 minutes.

Hoop Sparx Workshops & Interactive Playspaces - Hoop Dance Workshop
Donna spinning plates | Circus Workshops & more | Hoop Sparx


Get ready to join the circus. Our workshops are super fun and will guide users of all levels to learn new tricks and skills. Props are supplied and workshops can be customised to suit your event. Packages are available (discounts apply).

This workshop runs for 60 – 90 minutes.


Participants will learn how to make their own hula hoop. All materials are provided and attendees get to choose their favourite tapes and create their own unique hoop design.

Our Hoop Sparx facilitator will guide everyone through how to make and tape their hoop and, once everyone is done, will even teach some sweet hoop moves.

Hoop Sparx Workshops & Interactive Playspaces - Hoop Making Workshop