Welcome to Hoop Sparx

Hoop Sparx is all about fitness, friendship, giggles, and HULA HOOPS! We offer ridiculously fun hula hoop activities for all occasions:

Donna Sparx with Hula Hoops and her dog

Online Classes & Private Lessons

Fun fitness, good vibes & hula hoops

Need a fun way to keep fit? Get mega-toned in fits of giggles. Be inspired. Make it count. Do it because you love you. ONLINE and IN-PERSON hula hoop classes: live or downloadable.

Hoop Sparx Workshops

We bring the sparkle to you

Workshops are tailor-made with sparkly special sauce for your group or event. The hoopossibilities are endless.

Hula hoop dance –  Hoopercise – Hula hoop making

Perfect for festivals, schools, markets, community groups, team building, work functions and celebrations.


All the fun. All the sparkle. Every occasion.

We throw mega fun, unforgettable hula hoop parties!

You bring the humans, we’ll bring the hoops.

Festivals & Events

We bring the hula hoop special sauce to every event.

Custom-created experiences and activities:

  • Interactive hoopy play-spaces.
  • Performers: roving and stage!
  • Workshops available across Melbourne and beyond.
Sparkle. Shine. Spin.
Donna Sparx in her Hula Hoop

Holiday Programs

7 programs to choose from

Fun, engaging and playful activities for:

  • Holiday programs
  • Schools: primary & secondary
  • Out of hours school care (OHSC)

Hoop Sparx Shop

Hula hoops and gift vouchers

Ginormous range of sparkletastic hula hoops for beginners and beyond: dance hoops, polypro, minis and kids’ hoops. Handmade in Melbourne, Australia.

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