Wanting to add some hoop sparkle to your school curriculum, activities or special event?

Hula hoop workshops will be tailored for your school, activity or class with a focus on interactive fun and fitness. Sessions can run from 20-90 minutes and other learning outcomes can be embedded such as team building, communication and respectful relationships.

We love sharing the hoop joy and make sure that every class is engaging, interactive, fun…and full of hula hoops of course.

Hula hoop workshops and classes can be custom-made to meet your group’s need or choose from the hula hoop workshops listed below.

Schools programs are designed by a qualified, experienced youth worker and trainer.

We offer introductory and ongoing classes suitable for all school activities and events including:

  • Health and wellbeing days
  • Sport and fitness days
  • Parent and child days
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Additional stream within Physical Education
Hula Hoop Dance: move yourself to the music!

An engaging class focused on music, movement and play, combining group and individual games, hoop dance and skill development.

Hula Hoop Fit: Time to work it!

A fast paced hoopercise class including skill development, team games, hoop relays and world record breaking attempts.

Hula Hoop Making Workshop

There is only one thing almost as fun as hula hooping – and that’s making hula hoops! Add some craft to your OOHSC or holiday program! Participants create their own hula hoop then learn how to spin it.

Schools Circus Workshop

Hula hoops and more! A popular workshop incorporating partner and small group acro balance, hula hoop tricks and hoop juggling. A hit with holiday programs and OOSHC.

Donna designed a workshop series for our Year 11 and 12 students. She had a conversation with us about the purpose and desired learning outcomes and tailored the sessions to be engaging, fun and meaningful. A passionate educator and a wonderful role-model, Donna is extremely organised and quickly gained the student's respect. Over the past few weeks she has established a great relationship with the students. Her contribution at our school has been precious.

Elisa Gennari, House Wellbeing Coordinator Year 11 & 12, Melbourne Girls Grammar School

I loved everything about the workshops. The way she incorporated games and other exercises kept the classes fun and engaging.

Lucy, Year 10

It's an amazing course! So much fun and an amazing quick break from classes. Totally helps with building skills for study without thinking about it.

Kate, Year 11

I loved that over the weeks we learnt lots of cool tricks and then at the end with all of the new skills we choreographed our own dance.

Jack, Year 11

Great destresser, structured and productive but fun. Endorphine release!

Jessica, Year 10

It's more than just a hoop class - it teaches you life lessons to do with wellbeing and it is just a heap of fun!

Amanda, Year 11

Special schools pricing is available for large groups, packages and multiple bookings.
As a guide general:
Hoop Dance, Hoopercise, Circus Workshops: $11 per participant with a $220 minimum spend. (60 mins)
Hoop Making Workshops: $110 + $22 per hoop with a minimum of 10 hoops. (60 mins)

Some places our hoops have been spinning: