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In the world of hula hooping there is magic to be found within in the pauses between the spins, twirls, and tricks. These interludes are the unsung heroes of a hula hooper’s routine. By incorporating stillness into your flow you can add some depth to your hula hooping. Let’s explore some of the intricacies for mastering the beauty of shoulder breaks.

Ground yourself

Achieving fluidity in shoulder breaks requires not just skill but also a solid foundation in your lower body.
Picture this: a wide stance, toes angled out, knees gently bent in a squat position to ensure stability and grounding. To maintain the gracefulness of the breaks, the back body and torso must remain upright, belly engaged, and the chest expansive from shoulder tip to shoulder tip.

Find the sweet spot

Locating the sweet spot for shoulder breaks is an art unto itself. Begin by holding the hoop in the shoulder break start position – about a forearms distance from the body. Swivel your body to one side. The spot that hand arrives at in the swivel is your sweet spot for the breaks.

Test out the vertical plane

If the horizontal plane feels too fast or hard try exploring the vertical plane. Get into position by hinging at the hips, knees bent, chest and eyes reaching forward, and hips pulling back. This not only slows down the pace but also allows gravity to be your ally, making the twists to each side more accessible and graceful.

Turn into the break

Pay close attention to the hand initiating the shoulder break. Ensure a smooth turn into the break, harmonising your body’s movement with the hoop’s rotation. This deliberate turn enhances the overall aesthetic, creating a seamless fusion between you and the hoop.

Feel the connecting points

Find a second point of contact on the back of the opposite bicep from the breaking hand. For instance, if the left hand is breaking it should be felt on the right bicep. This connection intensifies the engagement and finesse of your shoulder breaks.

Explore and expand

Get ready to dive into a repertoire of diverse breaks — underhand, overhand, overarm, ninja wrap, inside hand, and many more. From leg breaks to elbow breaks, the possibilities are endless. Experiment with hands together or single-handed variations, and discover the vast landscape of breaks that adds a whole new level to your hula hooping.

The not so secret ingredient: Practise!

The true magic of breaks unfolds through dedicated practise. Minute drills become your ally in mastering shoulder breaks. Why not take the Breaking not Broken challenge – 10 x 10-15 minute Breaks Training Sessions.

You’ll witness the evolution of your hula hooping as you embrace the process and commit to regular practise sessions. If you need some help honing your skills – Banging Breaks is a 60 minute downloadable class solely focused on conquering breaks. Learn to master the beauty of shoulder breaks with some extra visual guidance.

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