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When it comes to hosting a memorable event, entertainment plays an important role in creating an atmosphere your audience will love. By incorporating roaming entertainers you can elevate your event with next level excitement. From a magician weaving magic through the crowd, to stilt walkers towering over festivities – roaming entertainers can welcome, interact with, and amuse your guests.

Continuous entertainment

Roaming performers help to maintain a vibrant energy that keeps your guests engaged and entertained from start to finish. There is always something exciting happening as continuous entertainment wanders around the event. Unlike stage performances that create a separation between performers and audience, roaming entertainers interact directly with your guests. The interactive nature of roving performers provides an opportunity for everyone to become an active participant in the event experience. As performers seamlessly move through your event they help to foster an enjoyable atmosphere, while also encouraging guests to connect with each other through a shared experience that helps to break down social barriers.


What do you mean interactive?” it’s a question we get asked a lot. Well, roaming entertainers can be as interactive/not interactive as you like! Interactive roaming performers may be spinning plates on sticks and handing them to people to hold, they might start juggling with a passer-by, perhaps they have giant bubbles and invite people to have a go at making bubbles too. Some roaming entertainers are actively playful and engage people in all kinds of games, silliness, and shenanigans. It all depends on the crowd and what they’re up for!

Content worthy

The visual appeal of roaming entertainers adds a snap-worthy element to your event. It’s really common for people to want to take photos of the fabulous costumes, film the incredible acts, and get their photo taken with the roaming performers. Attendees will be keen to capture the magic with their cameras, creating shareable content that extends the reach of you and your event through social media. User-generated content is highly valuable as marketing material and can do wonders for not only real-time promotion but also ongoing brand awareness and keeping that positive post-event buzz.

Suitable for a range of settings

No matter where your event is, be it outdoors in a park or garden, or in a ballroom or corporate conference centre – roaming performers are versatile and can fit into any scene. Performances can also be tailored to suit any specific requirements that different spaces may have. If your event has a theme, performers can ensure their costume ties in with your vision for the event. Roaming entertainment is fabulous during the day AND there are fire and LED options to light up an evening and bring a new level of excitement.

Customisable entertainment

Roaming entertainers provide a unique opportunity for branding integration and customisable event entertainment. Customising can play an important part in enhancing the aesthetic and theme for your event. Performers are able to incorporate branding elements into their acts in many ways – including aligning their costume with your brand/theme. There is also the opportunity for custom designs to appear with LED props, including hula hoops, poi, and fans. This means that corporate branding including characters and logos can be programmed into the props! Customisation of these performances adds a personalised touch and reinforces the messaging of your event.

Be sure to consider these benefits when you are planning your next gathering. Get ready to leave a lasting impression on your attendees and give them something to talk about for years to come.

If you are interested in booking roaming performers for your next event, please contact us for a quote.

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