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Transitioning between hula hoop tricks is the key to flow. When you first start hooping, the focus is often on learning lots of tricks. And then, after some time in the hoop, we’re faced with the struggle of trying to join tricks together! That’s where hula hoop transitions (or hoopsitions as we like to call them) come in.

Trick transitions are essential for flow, fun and freedom in the hoop – not to mention =creating seamless and captivating hoop dance routines. With a range of trick transitions up your sleeve, you can smoothly move between different tricks, planes, grips and directions, allowing you to add variety and fluidity to your hula hooping. Hoopsitions not only enhance your flow but can also challenge your coordination, improve your overall hooping, and unlock creativity.

Hula hoop transitions

Inside grip to outside grip: works a treat for going from a hand spin (inside grip) to Z-spin (outside grip) for example. One simple way is to use a throw as a transition for the grip change. Whether you are releasing from an inside or outside grip, you can choose to catch it in the other.

Waist (on-body) to Reverse Escalator / Outside Grip (off-body)

It’s easy to get stuck waist-hooping – especially if you haven’t yet learnt the “lift-off”. The good news is that there are loads of other ways to get the hoop off the waist. These transitions off the waist will land you in an outside grip and you can go wherever you like from there! This tutorial shows you how to transition from the waist into a reverse escalator (which is from an outside grip).


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4 Transitions into a Half Chest Roll

The half-chest roll starts with the hoop in a vertical plane, loosely gripped and hanging behind the arm. It’s a weird start position and can be a challenge to find a way into. So, here’s 4 ways in!


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Changing Hands via Behind-the-back Transition

When we hoop, it’s common to fall into the trap of doing most things within your line of vision. Our brains feel more comfortable that way. This behind-the-back transition is a very fancy way to change hands and gives you plenty of options for where to next.


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Play in the Pauses

This is a really creative way to explore your own pathways and create your own hula hoop transitions. Many moves have multiple points where you could just stop – so go there! Pause, take a look at where you have landed and ask yourself “What now?” I’ve taught this concept in loads of classes and workshops and it’s always inspiring to see where everyone takes it. I guarantee you will discover something new.


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Practise, practise, practise

Adding hoopsitions into your hula hoop practise will level up your hoop skills and enhance your flow. With patience and practise (and a good dose of play) you’ll soon be seamlessly transitioning between tricks.

Keep in mind:

Patience: Hoop transitions can be challenging at first, so be patient with yourself and allow yourself to get totally tangled and curiously confused until you find a way through. That way will become a new pathway, a new transition for flow. And, because you spent time with it and discovered it for yourself, it will become a natural part of your movement. Check out Hoop Sparx on YouTube for more free tutorials and helpful tips and tricks.

Technique: Pay attention to your form and technique as you learn new moves. Begin to notice the finer details like plane (vertical or horizontal), grip (inside or outside), direction, and whether the hoop is on/off body. This will build your understanding of the movement and pave the way for easeful transitions.  Work on using both hands and spinning the hoop in both directions to open up even more hoopsition possibilities.

Play: Have fun playing and exploring different combinations of tricks and transitions. Discover what feels good, and find what fits well with your flow. Hoop dance is all about self-expression and creativity, so let loose in the play and go with what feels good.

For more hula hoop transitions, dive deep and check out our Beginners Flow and Finding Your Flow (Intermediate) downloadable courses. These courses are all about meeting the hoop as your dance partner and offer a range of transitioning tricks and tips that will have you landing in flow without even thinking about it!

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