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It may be time to make space in your workplace for the circus!

Are you looking for a unique activity to include in your next event, professional development or team building session? An icebreaker for a conference? An innovative way to break up a training day? Searching for a new way to inspire collaboration and team work?

Looking for a wellness offering with a difference?

Something with the benefits of boot-camp and the mindfulness of meditation while also being infectiously enjoyable?

Hoop Sparx are the workplace-friendly, beginner-friendly, fun and fitness circus extraordinaires.

Circus and hula hoop workshops will add another dimension to your next corporate event, conference, team building day, staff seminar or wellness program.

Circus and hula hoop workshops can help make your next conference the best yet. Hoop Sparx sessions are:

  • Incredible ice-breakers
  • Excellent energisers
  • Accessible action learning opportunities
  • Terrific team-builders

Whatever your next corporate event, Hoop Sparx entertainers will make it shine.

Team-building and icebreakers

Looking for something a little different to support team building, break up strategic planning days, or add some interactive quirkiness to a work function?

Hoop Sparx will work with you to understand the purpose, personalities involved and desired outcome and will design an interactive session to best meet your needs.

Sessions run for between 20 minutes and 2 hours.

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Qualified and experienced:

All Hoop Sparx programs are designed by qualified trainers and assessors with an understanding of change management, team building and outcome focussed program implementation. We have worked with a range of companies including GU Health, ISPT and Verve Portraits.


Engages your brain while working your body
Provides stress relief, is low impact and accessible for all ages and fitness levels
Encourages innovation and supports healthy work-life balance.
Can be facilitated in almost any space you have, for any length of time.

I have had so much positive feedback it has been insane. The session was the highlight of our two day conference. It really shifted the group’s thinking. I still can’t believe we had 50 staff hooping together and really starting to work as a team. The biggest surprise was how many blokes loved hooping.

Erin, ISPT

Tailor-made workshops & programs

Hoop Sparx workshops can be designed to meet the needs of your business. This may include:

  • laterally embedding key learnings at a training day
  • encouraging team interaction
  • supporting team building
  • collaborative problem solving

By drawing on years of experience designing and facilitating training sessions, Hoop Sparx can take the key concepts, principles and/or learning outcomes from existing professional development program/s or workshops and utilise circus skills and props to embed them experientially.

Through facilitated movement, activities, self-reflection and discussion; and paralleling and connecting physical movement to theoretical and psychological concepts, participants will tap into a more lateral, creative approach and walk away with a deeper understanding of the material.

Sessions run from 20 minutes – 2 hours and can be tailored to meet your needs

Health and Wellness: Hula Hoop Class

Whether it’s a one-off workshop, the beginning of a program to inspire physical activity and team work, or an ongoing series of classes, Hoop Sparx hula hoop activities will get you into the spin.

Hula hooping burns 10 calories per minute, strengthens and tones your core, improves coordination, increases neuroplasticity, improves digestion and circulation, and it’s FUN!

Focusing on fun and fitness, Hoop Sparx Health and Wellness Sessions offer a simple program providing guidance through the foundations of hula hooping on and off the body.

Sessions can be delivered over 30, 45 or 60 minutes, at a time that suits you.

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Managers and staff loved it. A great way to encourage physical activity and team-work.

Heather, GU Health

We have worked with:


Isn’t hula hooping for kids?

Hooping is for everyone! While once the domain of children and festival goers, these days people from all walks of life are getting in on the spin. Even if you could never hoop as a child, the big, heavy hoops that we use in our adult classes rotate much slower, so it’s easier to keep them on your body.

But this is a conservative building! With very important people! Who wear suits!

Hoop Sparx have worked with all sorts of people and encountered many preconceived attitudes about what hula hooping and circus is. We have what it takes to encourage and engage with anyone. Even the most initially conservative and reluctant participants have left a Hoop Sparx session with a sense of accomplishment, a spring in their step and a smile on their face!

Is it just standing there moving your hips for an hour?

Not at all, in fact far from it! There are a million and one ways to move with a hoop and engage all the muscles of your body. Plus it’s a fantastic way to release tension, elevate mood, re-energise and nurture creative expression.

Can men do it, or is it just for women?

Men can absolutely do it. Some of the best hoopers in the world are men. Hooping is inclusive of every gender, race, body type and physical ability.

Do I need to be young and slim?

NO! This is one of the biggest misconceptions out there. Hooping can be taken up at any age by anyone of any size. Injuries, range of motion, flexibility, co-ordination – none of these are barriers when it comes to hooping. And while it is a terrific workout, each class has options for everyone.

Do I have to wear unicorn tights and a neon wig?

Only if you want to! Just wear something you are comfortable to move in. Anything you would wear to exercise or a yoga class is perfect.

How much space is needed?

Classes can be facilitated almost anywhere: an empty floor, an unused boardroom, a yoga space, an outdoor area – even the park across the road! Give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss options.

How long does a session run for?

Hoop Sparx classes are tailor made to suit your workplace, needs and environment. Classes can run anywhere from 20 – 120 minutes.

What else do Hoop Sparx do?

Hoop Sparx do professional events, team building exercises, space activation, roving and stage performance, kids’ parties, holiday programs, community workshops and more. We’re more than happy to talk to you about any of these offerings.

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