Hoop Starter Pack

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Start your hula hoop journey with the ultimate hoop starter pack! Our twin hula hoop pack includes one hoop for on body hooping and one for off body tricks.

ON BODY HOOP: Our Practise Hula Hoops are made with bright orange 100% Australian made quality, durable, flexible plastic. They also feature a stripe of grip tape (to help keep them up) in a colour of your choice.

OFF BODY HOOP: Our Polypro Practise Hula Hoops are light and perfectly suited for nailing those off body tricks. Level up without over stressing your shoulders or bruising your hands with a heavy hoop.

Additional information

Weight .8 kg
Practise Polypro Colour

Hot Pink (90cm), Metallic Blue (90cm), Totally Teal (90cm), Lime Green (85cm), Black Galaxy (85cm)

Practise Hula Hoop Colour

Orange + Blue Stripe, Orange + Green Stripe, Orange + Pink Stripe, Orange + Purple Stripe, Orange + Yellow Stripe

Practise Hula Hoop Size

90cm, 100cm

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