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Learn how to hula hoop
with these tutorials for all levels
– from beginners to advanced hoopers!

These hula hoop tutorials focus on helping you learn how to hula hoop with simple, clear instruction to take your hooping to the next level.


One, two, three, hoop! Exercises to help build core movement for the body, arms, and legs.


If you are brand new to hula hooping, these tutorials will help you learn how with simple, foundational hula hoop moves and tricks.

On Body Moves

These tutorials focus on waist, shoulders and arms including multiple ways to transition between on and off body.

Off Body Moves

Time to ninja! These off-body moves are a creative way to move with a hula hoop. Cool tricks and tech including weaves, throws, combos, flourishes and a whole lot of innovation.


Learn how to do an isolation. And not just one, there are loads of isolation variations in these hula hoop tutorials.

For The Kids

Simple fun exercises for kids to learn how to hula hoop and hula hoop dance. They’ll love it!


Moves that focus on fitness with a hula hoop. Get ready to sweat. You’ll need a hoop and a towel.


The answer to the age-old questions “how do I link hula hoop moves together?” and “how do I flow with my hula hoop?” These tutorials will help you learn how to do a range of transitions.

Flow and Combos

More advanced techniques suitable for those who already have basic hula hoop moves covered, exploring the world of transitions leading to flow.


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