Hoop Sparx values the importance that physical activity and community play in personal mental health and wellbeing. Coming from a background within community services, Donna Sparx has a passion for making the arts accessible and available to a wide range of people. Many people face barriers that can prevent participation in activities or events. We are actively looking for ways to ensure that Hoop Sparx is open to those that want to take part.

Please get in touch to start the conversation and we will see what can be put in place to support your involvement with Hoop Sparx.


Did you know that you can use NDIS funding to access Hoop Sparx classes and Hoop Away?
In most circumstances a NDIS participant whose plan is self-managed or plan managed can use unregistered NDIS providers. Hoop Sparx is not a registered NDIS provider.

Part of the funds you receive from your plan are to access ‘reasonable and necessary’ services and supports to help pursue your goals.

Core supports are those that assist the participant with daily living activities. This can include transport to participate in community based classes and events where public transport is not a viable option

Capacity building supports help participants to build their independence and skills. Hoop Sparx classes provide a safe space for you to explore movement and fitness that can assist with a rage of daily activities.

Hoop Sparx classes encourage social interaction and community creation and participation. Our events such as Hoop Away Retreats offer an intimate space to really connect with others and fosters a sense of community.

Please contact your case manager or NDIS directly on 1800 800 110 with any questions you might have about NDIS Funding.
You can also check out NDIS’ pricing arrangements to assist with planning.

If you require itemised invoices for classes or private programs to help make your claim, please contact us.


Are you experiencing financial hardship but keen to keep that circle spinning? We value the importance that physical activity and community can have on maintaining our mental health especially when are struggling with other life obstacles. Amongst our large range of free hula hoop tutorials, we have also made our downloadable videos accessible to those requiring financial support.