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When it comes to learning how to hula hoop there are some foundational skills to learn. These will help to build yourself a solid base that you can level up from and start finding your flow. Here are 5 beginner hula hoop tricks that you can learn in your own time thanks to these free tutorials.

Remember the 3P’s: Practise, Patience and Persistence!

Waist Hooping

The first trick everyone wants to learn is how to waist hoop. Keeping that hoop up and moving can be tricky! Here are a few different techniques to keep the hoop spinning as well as some super handy trouble-shooting. And, for when you’re ready, this video also has a level-up challenge at the end.

Back Lift Off – Waist Hooping to Lasso

Once you’re feeling comfortable and confident with your waist hooping you can start to explore lifting the hoop out of a waist spin and straight into a lasso. Just. Like. That. Suddenly your beginner hula hoop tricks are not going to look so beginner! This back lift off from the waist is goooooood.

Round and Round Jump In

You’ll be jumping through hoops in no time! This tutorial breaks down how to go from passing the hoop around your body to ending up inside the hoop via a smooth jump in transition to waist hooping.

Forward and Backward Weave

The weave is a great foundational move that can be used for a bit of a dance break between tricks or as it’s own slick trick. It’s also a transitional move that can allow you to change directions, change grips, or move into a different position to start a new trick sequence.

Smear Cloud

Now here’s one that not many beginners know… It’s another awesome transitional move to learn. The Smear Cloud looks great and allows you to flow the hoop from a vertical to horizontal plane.

Once you have these moves down, you can start to mix them together to create your own flow and combos. We’d love to see what you create!

If you share your progress online please tag our socials (@Hoop Sparx on Facebook or @donnasparx on Instagram) so we can cheer you on, get inspired and witness your AMAZINGness!

Check out our YouTube Channel for more beginner tricks – there is an entire playlist there! Subscribe to be notified when new tutorials are added. If you’re in Melbourne we’d love to meet you – drop into a hula hoop class and let’s play.

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