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COVID workout… whaa?

It’s a strange time. 2020 thus far has been preeeeeetty interesting, colourful, challenging, and a wee bit chaotic. I’m here to remind you that if you’re anything like me and finding yourself seriously starting to lack motivation, then this blog is for you – and a hula hoop. So, whether  you’ve got a bunch of hula hoops lying around or are beginning to think this is the time to get one, I have one message for you: it’s time to spin into a COVID workout! Think it has to be hard? Nuuurp. It’s gonna be fuuuuun.

A covid workout can be really simple.

Staying COVID safe is important. In some cases, legislated. With gyms in lockdown, fitness classes shut down and some parks closed, it can feel quite overwhelming. It’s more important than ever to nourish, nurture and take care of ourselves by staying healthy, moving, giggling, and getting in at least a small amount of exercise, wherever possible. Some call this a “covid workout”.

For those of you with a back or front yard, or a coffee table that can be moved out the way, it can be this simple: Speaker. Hoop. Tunes. Or, if you need some quiet – just a hoop). Jam for 10 minutes. A covid workout with a hoop can even be done on your bed! All you need is about 4 metre square metres (that’s 2 meters by 2 metres) of space. If you’re a total Beginner and not sure where to start, or just want some inspo, check out this video for a hoop workout that’ll get you moving!

If 77 year old Noel can do it – so can you. 

Noel ordered a hoop during the first lockdown in Melbourne in March. And, in the 2nd lockdown in August, he sent us this email:

“Just thought I would thank you again for the hoop and advise that at 77 I’ve mastered it to the extent of being able to keep it going for 20 minutes non-stop and no drops in both directions… It’s helping me keep sane during this protracted lock-down.”

He’s got the covid workout dowwwwn.

I get it. A solo covid workout in the park might feel a bit weird.

One way to navigate this is to use headphones and find a secluded spot outdoors or in the park. You could also try to go at a time when it’s not busy and turn away from others to create your own “bubble”. You can also have fun with it and wear an “L Plate” t-shirt or even bring a little sign. There are heaps of online videos of pretty much any hoop move you’d like to learn – all accessible from your phone. One quick sweep of YouTube finds a bunch of amazing artists sharing content for free! If that will help you get you, your butt and your hoop out the door for a covid workout worth giggling for, then check out these tutorials to get you started.

We’re in it together. A covid workout can be be a “work-in” too 

If you find it hard to get motivated on your own, make yourself accountable by joining an online class, a private lesson, or connecting with the hoop community on Facebook or Instagram. Or, grab a friend and do a covid workout together once a week.

Not sure where to start or what to do but feeling inspired to get a hoop and get that covid workout happening? Email us – we LOVE talkin’ hoop.

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