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Level up with these 10 Hula Hoop Weave Variations

Weaves are a whole universe unto themselves in the hoopisphere! There is so much that can be explored – especially once you start adding a second hoop. Weaves are a versatile move that can be as simple or techy as you want to make them. They are an awesome transitional move because there are moments in the movement when you are in an inside grip position and other moments when you are in an outside grip.

Here are 10 hula hoop weave variations to level up your hoop game.


If you’re brand new to weaves this is the video for you! All weave variations start with learning the forward and backward, side-plane weave with a single hula hoop. It’s a great idea to make sure you practice the foundations on each side of your body.


Weaves are a fantastic tool for really starting to gain an understanding of and grasp what “planes” are. In hooping, we can work with our front, back, and side planes. Weaves also help to bring awareness into our shoulders, elbows, and wrist positions in relation to the hoop, each other and our body.


Are you starting to feel comfortable with your forward and backward weaves? These moves will help add new dimensions to your flow. Have fun weaving these transitions into your hoop play.


Feel the flow as you learn to turn and move with your weave. These next three hula hoop weave variations teach you how to do a full 360 degree turn while your weaving with no grip changes needed!


Unlock a portal to another hoop weave dimension with twin hoops! Once you’re feeling pretty confident with your hula hoop weaves in both hands, it’s time to add in another hoop. Twin hoop weaves are a fantastic way to level up your coordination and give your brain a workout too.

I love to watch you weave your hula hoop magic – be sure to tag @donnasparx or #hoopsparx in your posts, so we can cheer you on from the sidelines – and help troubleshoot of course. Have fun playing with the speed of your weaves too – they can be performed fast or slow for different effects. Try making big sweeping moves with your weaves and then bringing them in tight for a smaller and flickier movement. There is so much fun to be had in the world of hula hoop weaves.

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