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School holiday programs offer an incredible opportunity for kids to develop physical, social, and leadership skills. These programs allow kids to connect with others outside of their own classroom and get comfortable cooperating and working with new people.

Holiday programs allow kids to explore different social dynamics and boost their self esteem and confidence within new and varying environments. All of these skills have lifelong benefits.

When it comes to school holiday programs it’s important to create a space that’s full of fun and learning. Here are 3 fun school holiday program ideas that can be incorporated into your school holiday planning.

Hula Hoop Programs

From learning to hula hoop to making your own hula hoop, there are so many fun ways to incorporate hula hoops into your school holiday program. Kids can learn new moves and work together to connect them into choreographed routines.

Circus Programs

More than just hula hoops, circus programs include a range of props for kids to play with. They can learn Diablo, juggling and even how to spin plates. Super sized fun should be expected when playing with Giant Jenga and Giant Bubbles!

Science Program

Perfectly created for 5 – 11 year olds, Mad Science Mayhem is a mind blowing experiment full of colour, light, and sound. This is a super fun activity that will have kids learning and laughing all at once.

The best school holiday programs are fun filled sessions where learning new things is exciting! All of our programs include developing new skills, playing games, and having giggles galore along the way.

We can customise any of our workshops or programs to suit the age, interest, and skill level of your group. Our facilitators are professional and experienced with creating fun and engaging ways to share their knowledge. Get in touch to find out how you can bring the circus to your School holidays.

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