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Hula hoop exercise (Hoopercise as I like to call it) can be super fun and a great way to improve your fitness and mobility. Did you know that during a 30-minute hoop sesh you’ll burn about the same amount of calories as you would cleaning the house for that same amount of time?!

From warm-up stretches to a full-blown workout, there is so much goodness to come from playing with this plastic circle of joy. Here are 4 of my favourite hula hoop exercises that work your core, arms, butt, and shoulders!

Waist Hooping
Ooof! This one is an amazing exercise for your core, legs, and butt! Keep that hoop up and spinning around your waist. Try to do this for about 5 minutes while adding in some footwork and then some arm moves. Start with tapping your feet forward before introducing stepping forwards and back, or alternating your arms up and down reaching for the sky. Have fun playing with what you can do while waist hooping.

Lasso Sit Up
You might find it easier to start this one for the first time in the sitting up position with your feet flat on the ground and your knees bent. With one arm outstretched and reaching to the heavens, aim to have the inside of your upper arm aligned in the space between your chin and ear then start spinning the hoop on your hand for the lasso move. Then, using that core strength and keeping your arm straight, lower yourself down to the floor before sitting up again. At the top of your sit-up switch your hoop lasso over to the other hand and repeat. Try to do 10 lassos on each hand to start with.

Arm Hooping
Don’t worry if you struggle with just keeping the hoop spinning on your arm. Getting that hoop to stay exactly where you want it on your arms is an exercise in itself. This is a fantastic workout for strengthening and toning your shoulders, back, and arms. Make sure that you aren’t bringing your shoulders up towards your ears and that you are switching on and engaging your muscles to help hold your posture up, shoulders down, and arms up. Once you are confident with keeping that hoop spinning on each side, then try to build on that by bending your elbow and getting some elbow hooping happening.

Isolation Rocks
Get ready to feel the burn. This one is great for improving your hoop grip as well as strengthening and toning your arms and shoulders. Well, helloooo triceps! Your back, core, and hips will also be getting a good stretch and this will help with improving your mobility. Try to spend 2 minutes on each side to start off with. Really feel your muscles switch on and engage.

If you want to take your hula hoop exercise routine further, why not do the Hoopercise 5 Day Challenge?! Join me for 30 minutes a day for 5 days and spin your way to fun and fitness. The challenge is suitable for all hoop levels and the beauty of it is that you can do it wherever and whenever you want. Download me onto your phone and let’s start exercising.

Want even more hula hoop exercise ideas? I have put together a YouTube playlist with a bunch of hoopercise videos so they are all in one handy place for you. That way you can workout alongside me anytime you want, totally for free! So no excuses! Get hooping!

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