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Hoop Sparx was founded to inspire creativity, fun fitness and social connection through hula hoop dance.

I Iove that Donna works to make classes accessible regardless of experience and body type. She'll show us harder and easier variations of moves, so there's always opportunity to challenge yourself, but never any expectation to do more than is feasible for you.

The inclusive language she uses makes it easier to feel comfortable in the space, and her enthusiasm makes every attempt or achievement feel like a great success!

I typically feel nervous before class, but that disappears as soon as we get started, and by the end I'm feeling excited about whatever new skill I've picked up!


The amount of times especially during lockdown that I have had zero motivation to attend an online class, but have pushed myself to, and each time found that only a few minutes in I am SO glad I did, as Donna's class always lifts my mood and after a class I am guaranteed to be in a much better frame of mind.


Lovely relaxed atmosphere for fun and fitness. Donna has created a wonderful atmosphere to have a go at hooping in a supportive environment that is no pressure, but with lots of encouragement. As a beginner, I love that classes are for all levels so you can pick the challenge that is right for you with each activity. I love being able to laugh whilst learning.


Inclusive, energetic, mindful fun for everyone 🤩


Fun, creative, supportive classes led by a well organised, professional teacher.


Hoop Sparx facilitators are enchanting and engaging. They drew the crowds, from small children to adults. Loads of laughter and smiles all round. Donna is both professional and reassuring to deal with. Thanks Hoop Sparx we will definitely recommend your services.

Cate ThomasApollo Bay Seafood Festival

We have worked with HoopSparx on a number of large scale markets and community events. They provide fantastic entertainment and activities that kids just love. We've also used them as a bridging act between bands and they always bring great energy to the stage. Donna is wonderful to work with. She is a great communicator, very flexible and genuinely cares about making your event sparkle.

HugoThe Space Agency

It was so much fun and considering my skills were very lacking, the instructor was fantastic.


I’ve done a few classes here and there but these were especially well planned and really clicked with me, despite being very uncoordinated at the time. I’ve been practising since and it’s fantastic!


Exercise has never been more hilarious.
If you thought hula hooping was fun when you were a kid, you should try it as an adult. It’s quite the workout and takes a ton of co-ordination, but the best thing about it is, you’ll be laughing so hard you won’t even realise you’re working up a sweat.

CintiaMy Poppet

As part of the VIVA Youth Festival Donna Sparx was a highly skilled entertainer. Her workshops were high energy, fun and full of colour.

Tanya DicksonEconomic and Cultural Development

The hoop playspace was fantastic. Donna Sparx inspired people of all ages to get involved and it was good to see even the teenage boys joining in. A great addition to our community festival that really got people playing together.

LeahSwan Hill Rural City Council

When I first started hooping I had virtually zero confidence. Going to Donna's sparkly classes, my confidence has blossomed and I feel so happy with my progress. I have learnt things I never thought possible (Look ma, no hands!) and most exciting of all I found my hoop flow during one of Donna's classes. I love going to class and it always leaves me in a good mood for the rest of the week.

FlissoHoop Class Student

Just wanted to say how amazing wonderful brilliant your class was last night and how over the moon I am that I actually chest hooped!! And I managed to get one arm up while neck hooping, once I slowed down the hoop yaaayyy!! I am still beaming with happiness.


Classes are fun and engaging from start to finish. Donna caters to all levels, and the set up and flow of the lessons is awesome.

ShannonCarlton Hoop Class Student

For something I'm not very good at, I thoroughly enjoy my Hoop Sparx classes!! Never has exercise been so much FUN! The music is always pumping and each week I leave the class feeling just a little bit more excited about life than before I walked in the door because I always manage to achieve something I never imagined I could!

SusanSt Kilda Hoop Class Student

One of the things I was most excited and relieved about these classes are how welcoming and friendly everyone is. It quickly feels like a little community! Donna is a brilliant instructor and adapts new moves to fit to everyone's different levels of skill. I've been having tons of fun and learning so much at these classes.

MaddyCarlton Hoop Class Student

Donna was amazing from when I booked in to the day of my sister’s hens party! It was all about fun, and she even spent a little longer with the ones (like me!) who will need extra practice to become supa hupas:) The routine at the end topped off the lesson and everyone felt like a superstar when they watched the videos! We were all talking about our class for hours afterwards! My sister had such a great day, she loved the hoop she received and has been practicing her moves at home ever since!

JacquiHen's Party

Seriously loving it! I may not be great at it but feel like i have found my 'thing'! Donna's enthusiasm is infectious.


I enjoyed the classes. Donna is a great teacher and it was amazing how much was packed into one hour. I've learned so much in just two classes! cant wait to learn more.

NicoleOnline Student

Great class! Lots of fun and at a super comfortable pace.


So much fun! Donna is fantastic at teaching the tricks and breaking things down so they're easy to understand.


Amazingly fun classes for all levels! Donna is incredibly patient with her troubleshooting and makes sure every person in the class is having fun and being challenged.


I had a Grown Ups hula hooping birthday party and the age group attending ranged from 10 to 70. Donna was easy to contact, and communicate with, in the lead up. On the day Donna brought her incredible positive energy as well as loads of hoops. The night before the event I received an email mentioning ‘dress-ups’ and ‘a video’…..and sure enough it all happened and was hilarious. There were plenty of laughs. The group photo that Donna expertly organised at the end is a real ‘Straight to the Poolroom’ piece. I had really positive feedback from my friends, and a friend who had never been able to hula in her life was hula-ing within 4 minutes!

JenniferBirthday Party

Donna's enthusiasm for hooping is infectious, she's a fun and encouraging teacher, who builds on and connects each class so effortlessly. I love Hooping, it is relaxing and meditative, as well as great exercise!

KirstyFootscray Hoop Class Student

yesterday I was in a rotten mood, I was upset over something and had been obsessing over it for two days. I didn't want to go to class - I didn't want to go do anything - but I made myself go. For the first time since I started worrying about this thing I got out of my head and focused on something else, without even trying. I laughed, moved my body and got perspective on my problem. I feel 100 times better this morning, I know that wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for your class. Thank you so much for running such a fun class, it was exactly what I needed yesterday!

AnonCarlton Hoop Class Student

Aside from breaking down all the tricky technical moves with never-ending patience, Donna encourages everyone, regardless of skill level. As someone who works behind a desk all day (and is not particularly coordinated), I found it hard at first to switch off my analytical brain and just relax and enjoy the hoop learning process. Donna has been amazing at coaxing me out of my self-critical headspace into a place where I'm embracing the journey (however slow it might be!) Basically she is a Hoop Master / Hoop Philosopher / Life Coach!


I love the teaching style that Donna applies at her fun and energetic hula hoop classes!
Time flies at every class and Donna is really generous in her teachings, as she shares many different transitions, tricks, exercises... Moreover, she has great sense of humor and she's attentive and supportive with everyone. I always leave the class fully energised and happy!

CristinaSt Kilda Hoop Class Student

I've been going to Hoop Sparx classes for over a year now and absolutely love Donna's teaching style. Really clear instructions and each class is always full of new tricks and moves to learn. I leave each week with a big smile on my face eaching style that Donna applies at her fun and energetic hula hoop classes!
Time flies at every class and Donna is really generous in her teachings, as she shares many different transitions, tricks, exercises... Moreover, she has great sense of humor and she's attentive and supportive with everyone. I always leave the class fully energised and happy!


I have had so much positive feedback it has been insane. The session was the highlight of our two day conference. It really shifted the group’s thinking. I still can’t believe we had 50 staff hooping together and really starting to work as a team. The biggest surprise was how many blokes loved hooping.


Donna's classes will blow you away with her attentive, humorous and engaging teaching style! Be ready to learn a lot while having plenty of fun at every class. Donna will make sure that you leave with the certainty that you know how to practice what taught, as she gives customised tips to every single person attending. Her passion for hula hooping is contagious, come on and get down!


Not usually into twins but you made this really accessible and fun - I could be opening my teeny mind (ouch!)


Managers and staff loved it. A great way to encourage physical activity and team-work.

HeatherGU Health

Thank you Donna for creating an upbeat and fun Hooping Vibe. It's a pleasure attending your weekly classes, I feel happy and energized after each class.

ElleSt Kilda Hoop Student

I had no idea what to expect when I signed up for hooping classes, but it is more fun than I could have imagined! I am so hooked on hooping and the classes go so fast while I laugh and hoop away, and it's exercise at the same time! Donna is a great teacher and I look forward to continuing my hoop journey next term!


The young people had a ball – and worked up a sweat too! Our client group have especially complex and varying needs and Donna Sparx worked exceptionally well with individuals in the group. I highly recommend this workshop for any youth programs.

SharnaYouth Worker, Maribyrnong City Council

Jess said it was the best birthday ever. She’s been making up dances and practising with her hoop since.


I came across one of your amazing hoop tutorials on you tube, amazing because you broke down the moves so clearly and left me pumped and smiling - amazing in these times.


I find other teachers bloody hard to understand you definitely break moves down so much better you have the gift!!!


Thanks for a fantastic 8 weeks Donna. Have loved Thursday night hooping. My highlight was defo foot hooping. Highly recommend this class.....really fun way to exercise.


My 8 year old daughter and her friends had a great Hoop Sparx party, learning lots of new tricks to amaze their friends back at school with. The booking experience was simple, easy and I felt completely confident that it was going to be a fantastic day, which it was! Thanks Donna and team!


Had loads of fun last night, and feel great today - all those good endorphins from a bit of exercise and learning something new.


This has given me a whole new way of teaching myself to let go and enjoy the dance side (not just “tricks”) which has been scary but invaluable.


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