You’ve landed in the right place to buy hula hoop bits and bobs. Like any fun toy, hula hoop choice is a matter of personal taste and preference. This blog hopes to guide you in the right direction so that you end up with the best hula hoop for you (or your loved one).

Hula hoop size – the kicker

Is it for you? Is it for your child? Your mum? Brother? The most important thing is that you end up with an adult hula hoop for adults, and a kids hula hoop if it’s a child you’re buying for. This is super important as hoop size affects everything. As a general rule, the bigger, the easier – something to remember when you find yourself Googling “buy hula hoop”. A common mistake to avoid is trying out a kids hoop and thinking you’re terrible at hula hooping. You’re not. You actually had a crappy tool. Really! Choosing the right SIZE hula hoop will help you big time!

As a general guide for on-body hooping:
100cm – buy hula hoop for beginners
90 cm – buy hula hoop for beginners to intermediate
80cm – buy hula hoop for intermediate to advanced

For even more info on what size hoop to get, check out our What Size page.

Style of hula hoop matters too – dance, polypro, or practice?

In a nutshell:
Dance hoop – buy hula hoop for beginners and on-body jams. These are fully taped hula hoops and often come in a range of patterns, sparkles, designs. Consider with or without grip tape.
Practice hoop – buy hula hoop for beginners-intermediate who don’t need a super shiny hoop. These hoops are usually a plain colour plastic and come with or without grip tape.
Polypro hoop – buy hula hoop for beginners to intermediate. These also come taped or untaped, and with or without grip tape too. So you have loads of options when it comes time to buy a hula hoop.

We’ve created a thorough blog on the differences between an HDPE dance hula hoop and polypro hoops here. Check it out if you want more detailed breakdown on the differences between the tubing. In a nutshell, for new hoopers, go for a bigger dance hula hoop, with HDPE tubing. For people that have been hooping a while and who are trying out lots of different moves, a polypro hula hoop might be the go. Practice hoops are also great for thrashing around and are great for minimal worry.

Treatment of the hula hoop: let’s be honest (shiny VS naked)

Orange HDPE Practise Hula Hoops - Buy Hula Hoop from Hoop SparxSome people are highly protective of their hula hoop, and that makes sense, you work hard for ya money! Others know their own tyranny or perhaps have children and no item is sacred anymore, and prefer to use practice hoops that are a bit cheaper, and have less tape on them. With a basic practice hoop it doesn’t matter so much if they get scratched.

Practice hoops are great for thrashing around and a good choice for playing with on hard surfaces like concrete. To help stop the drop, make sure you get a hoop with grip tape on it. Here’s a pic of some of the orange ones we sell. You can find practice hoops in both HDPE and polypro. Buy hula hoop styles that work WITH you.

For the prettiest hula hoop in the park, go taped polypro

Indigo Sunrise Hula Hoop - Buy Hula Hoop Polypro from Hoop SparxWhether you care or not about your hoop tape staying intact, a shiny taped hoop like this Indigo Sunrise polypro hula hoop here make beautiful gifts (for yourself, too) and are the most dazzling character at any gathering.

Absolutely buy hula hoop polypro (taped) if it’s BEAUTY you’re after. There’s a reason most professional hoopers use taped polypro for their shows (WOW! Much SHINY! So much COLOUR!) and once purchased, some folks play with them on grass and in the safety of carpeted rooms. Shiny. So shiny. So pretty. So nice.

Buy hula hoop loopie-doops that work for your DANCE

As a general guide, when Googling “buy hula hoop”, think: dance hoop for on body, polypro for off-body. Boom.

Izzit time to buy hula hoop? Iz your choice!

Donna Sparx with HOop Sparx hula hoops

It’s your game, ultimately. I’d recommend starting with a dance hoop and from there, adding a polypro hula hoop or two down the track for some off-body hoopla. You can always add another hoop down the track. Our advice? Buy hula hoop styles that you LOVE to look at and they’ll be more fun to play with.

We’ve got a pretty awesome range of hand-made hula hoops created here in Melbourne, Australia. Check out the online store here to buy hula hoop HOOPLA in a range of sizes, styles and colours.

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