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Are you looking for something different for your kid’s birthday party or batmitzvah…

When it comes to planning the ultimate party for you child, we’ve got you sorted! We bring the toys, turn up the tunes, and enter a universe filled with interactive games, learning and FUN! Our range of party plans are sure to be the talk of the playground for weeks to come.

Hoopla: A hula hoop kids party

1 hour of hoopla! A hula hoop party with the lot. Sparkle, music and hula hoops provided.

Space required: 5-6 square metres per participant.
Pricing: $350*

LED Hoopy Kids Party: Light things up with LED hula hoops!
Pricing: $600*

Online: 1 hour of hoopla! An online hula hoop party with the lot. Games, tricks, and a group hoop dance choreo.
Pricing: $250

Kids Hoopla Hula Hoop Party - Hoop Dance Party for kids

Hula Hoop Making & Hoopla Party

The mega choice! Kids decorate a hula hoop to take home so the sparkle can continue beyond the kids hula hoop party. Once the hoops are finished, we get into the hoopla and play. All hula hoops and decorations provided.

Space required: 2-3 square metres per participant.
Pricing: $350 + $17 per hoop* (1 hour)

Hula Hoop making Kids Party | Hoop Sparx


Run away with the circus! Super fun circus games and the opportunity to learn spinning plates, juggling, poi, diablo, hula hooping and giant Jenga.

Space required: 3-4 square metres per participant.
Pricing: $350*

LED Circus Kids Party: Level up with LEDs (flower sticks, staves, juggling ,poi, hoops).
Pricing: $600*

Donna Sparx - Circus Parties | Hoop Sparx

Party Packages

Want to bundle up all the fun for the day? Check out our popular party packages!

Option A: $650*
1 Hour Hoopla Party​
+ 20 Minute Bubble Workshop
+ 40 Minute Circus Workshop

Option B: $650 (+ $15 per hoop made)*
40 Minute Hoop Making Workshop
+ 1 hour Hoopla Party
+ 20 Minute Bubbles Workshop

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* For a Hoop Sparx party with up to 25 kids. Venue not included (although if you need a venue, we can help). Parties with more than 25 kids may incur an additional fee for a Hoop Sparx assistant to come along and ensure everyone gets support to shine. Please note that travel over 20km or 30 mins will incur an additional travel fee. Get a quote to find out more. All prices include GST.
Mad Science Mayhem - Kids Party | Hoop Sparx


This a 90 minute interactive science experience for kids aged 5-11 years. They will witness mind blowing scientific demonstrations, and conduct experiments of their own involving light, colour, sound, and magnetism.

Pricing: $590*
Only available in Victoria

Hip Hop Educational Rap Kids Party | Hoop Sparx


Party people, listen up! Level up your kid’s party with FeMC Flocabulary’s fresh vibes. Get physical, energised and inspired. Rap, dance, learn rhythms, play games, engage in stories and bring it all home with the empowering anthem “It’s Cool to Be Different”.

Pricing: $435 per hour + travel
Max number of kids: 15, Ages 3-8
Only available in Victoria

Pirate Kids Party | Hoop Sparx


Yo ho ho! Tis time to invite the mateys on board for sea shanties, cutlass training, and a fun feathered friend. There won’t be time for hanging the jib with all the fun circus toys, games, and performance taking place.

Pricing: $395* (45 mins)
Only available in Victoria

Kids Party Giant Bubbles | Hoop Sparx

Add Giant Bubbles, Facepainting or Balloon Twisting to your Hoop Party!

Be sure to ask us about this when you enquire so we can recommend what will work best for your party in terms of timing and party packages.

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Thank you so much for an awesome 8yo party, it was fantastic! We’ve checked out the YouTube and been hula hooping all arvo. So much fun and new skills for us all!


We had a Hoopy birthday party for my 6 year old.
On the day everyone was saying it was the best party they'd been to..... ("Way better than a play centre" I head some kids say)...
Thing is, we're still hearing it from some of the parents today.
It really was a memorable day. Everyone was included and the birthday girl felt really special....
She said it was Awesome!!
Donna Sparx was great with the kids, (even the cheeky one's)


Jess said it was the best birthday ever. She’s been making up dances and practicing with her hoop since!


I booked Hoop Sparx for my daughters 5th birthday party the girls were amazing and the kids had the most wonderful time.


My 8 year old daughter & friends had a great hoop party. The booking experience was simple & I felt confident it was going to be a fantastic day, which it was!


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a Covid Risk Mitigation plan?

Yes. Please have a read of our Covid Risk Mitigation information.

How much space do you need for a hula hoop kids party?

The amount of space needed will depend on the amount of kids at the hula hoop party.  We recommend a minimum of 4m² per child. This will make sure we  have enough room for all the kids and the hoops to spin!

Do you provide a venue for the hula hoop kids party?

If you need a hand to find a venue to host your kids hula hoop party, we can help. This service does incur an extra fee to cover venue hire and admin. Please contact us to discuss this further.

What activities happen at a hula hooping kids party?

A friendly and fun Hoop Sparx entertainer will play hula hoop games with the kids, before teaching them some tricks and moves. These will be choreographed into a simple dance routine for them all to learn. Before the party ends, a photoshoot and/or video shoot will happen to capture the hoop stars in all their glory.

Does the performer wear a costume at a kids hula hoop party?

Our performers are always bright, colourful, bubbly, and dressed with plenty of sparkly flair. 

If your child is having a themed birthday party, let us know! We can arrange for our hoop party entertainer to match. (Depending on the theme this may incur an additional fee.)

Do you provide an invitation I can use for my kids hula hoop party?

We sure do! When you book your party with us we will provide you with a colourful invitation. It’s an editable file that you can print or digitally distribute to all your child’s friends.

Are there kids hula hoop party providers near me?

Hoop Sparx kids hula hoop parties are available in all major cities around Australia. We also have a team of hoop party entertainers who love going regional. If you’re located more than 30kms from your major cities CBD there is an additional travel fee.

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