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Hooping is the Ultimate De-Stressor

Let’s face it. Life is crazy. Even if you’re neck-deep in yoga classes and morning meditation, life throws curveballs. Coffee spills on laps (and laptops), pets poop in weird places and work mounts up. You’re stressed. You’re frazzled. The last thing you want to do is take that next call.
But then you grab your hula hoop and throw on some tunes. You’re back in your body. At first it’s a bit strained – you might drop the hoop and get annoyed. But slowly, over the next few minutes, the rhythm of hula hooping settles the stress. You find your groove. The hoop swirls around, and around, and you’re breathing again. It’s hard to stay stressy while hula hooping.

Because Flow Is Good For You

Everyone can drop into flow no matter how long (or short) you have been hooping. When your brain enters a flow state it emits a frequency between 4-12 Hz. In this state, your brain undergoes neurochemical changes that strengthen creativity and learning! It’s not as hard as you might think to find the flow state through hula hooping. It’s at once calming, motivating and energizing, and releases a bunch of chemicals like serotonin and endorphins! A flow state is when you are so immersed in something that you lose all concept of time, where time just flies.

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Hoop Sparx - Hula Hoop Classes, Parties, Events, Performers

It’s an Outlet For Creativity

Hula hoop classes provide an outlet for self-expression, a safe space where you can allow yourself to play and dance. When you grab a hoop and get creative there’s no wrong or right. Sometimes people who are brand new to hula hooping create the most incredible tricks by playing around with different movements. The best new tricks are usually created by accident. It’s so much fun creating and exploring movement, and diving into something new for your body!

Because You’re Immediately Connected To You

It’s a really busy world, and with phones, incredible technology and social media, lots of people report feeling disconnected and sometimes lonely. Hula hooping gets you to tune into your body, your breathing and your creative mind. In this way, you strengthen your body-mind connection and get back in touch with YOU.

Hoop Sparx - Hula Hoop Classes, Parties, Events, Performers
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The Hoop Is Your Friend

Hula hooping is a joy in good times and there for you through the rough times. It’s common to read about people being grateful for hooping and the hoop community while going through a breakup, or another challenging life event. As a practice that is entirely for you, it’s a safe way to explore difficult emotions and something to get your mind off big things that are going on.

It Makes Us Stronger and Fitter

One of the unexpected outcomes of hula hooping is newfound strength in the body. By working out your core, you’ll be more balanced, stable, toned and bring movement to stiff areas. By using your arms you’ll build strong shoulders and hands. Strengthening along the spine also supports a healthy body and helps prevents disease. And feeling strength in your own body is empowering! It gives you access to doing even more cool stuff.

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