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Who doesn’t love bubbles? Especially GIANT bubbles. It’s impossible not to smile when a huge, shiny, wobbling ball with tints of rainbow floats in front of your face. The squeals of excitement when a bubble starts to grow, and grow, and grow, then POP! There are so many positives to playing with bubbles. Did you know that blowing bubbles is a great way to manage anxiety and stress? It’s a simple activity that gets one to focus on a single activity, it requires you to breathe deeply and exhale steadily. Bubbles are also an amazing tool for childhood development, they encourage curiosity and playful activities such as counting, chasing, and popping. Not to mention seeing if they can get a bubble to float through a hula hoop! And, there is the whole science behind bubbles and just how incredible they are!

Tips & tricks for making bubbles at home

Creating epic bubbles requires the right tools, and honestly, there is a good chance that you have enough items around your house to go make bubbles to play with right now!

When it comes to what to blow bubbles with – it’s time to get creative. Using items like old coat hanger wire and twisting that into a circle can work – you can even play around with making different shapes. Other items you might find around the house that can be fun to play with are a plastic cup or bottle, or a straw. You can try cutting the bottom out of the cups or bottles and experimenting with the length of the straw.

There are lots of presold mixtures out there (for example Giant Gazillion Bubble Mixture), but for a quick DIY with smaller bubbles at home, you can always grab some dishwashing liquid. You might need to test out a few different ratios until you hit the one that works best as all dishwashing liquids are slightly different. When you do unlock your favourite concotion, make sure you write it down including the soap brand and ratios so you can easily make it again.

When we take our bubble brew to gigs and events, we always get asked “How does it work so well?! Is it a special mix?” And the answer is yes. We have 3 different recipes we use, each with different ingredients and ratios. Whilst we can’t give away our top secret formula, we can definitely bring it along to share with you and let you have a go yourself!

Bring giant bubbles to your next event!

We offer roving giant bubble performers and one of the most fun playspaces to have at your event: a bubble-making bonanza! We supply our magical mixture for blowing epic bubbles, and provide a bunch of bubble-making wands in different shapes and sizes (including Giant Bubble wands) for your guests to play with. Things get really exciting! We are able to play a range of games with kids of all ages – including kids at heart. Find out more about our Giant Bubble playspaces or get a quote for your next party.

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