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Are you on the hunt for a fun, engaging, and highly interactive activity for the next event you’re organising? Have you considered adding a workshop that’s all about learning circus skills such as hula hooping, spinning plates, poi, or juggling? Here are three fantastic reasons to give people the opportunity to learn circus skills.

1. Exercise for mind and body

Learning circus skills offers an incredible workout – inside and out. When it comes to working out and exercising, learning circus skills is a super fun way to get active. In a circus skills workshop, everyone’s brains and bodies work super hard together to develop co-ordination and concentration. An increase in balance, ambidexterity and neuroplasticity will increase as both sides of the body are used while training tricks. When people are encouraged to use their bodies in different ways, they gain a deeper appreciation for just what they can do and what’s possible. This translates into other areas of life and helps boost self-esteem and confidence.

Giving people a chance to learn circus skills provides some fun fitness coupled with building new skills that people can show off with too. Which brings us to our next point…

2. Amaze and Inspire

When people learn a new move or nail a trick that they were stuck on or thought they’d never be able to do, it not only amazes and inspires them but everyone around them. An enormous sense of achievement can be obtained when one goes from juggling one ball to two, or keeping a hula hoop spinning around the waist instead of it dropping to the floor. Overcoming mental blocks to try new things can be challenging, but by creating safe spaces for people to be amazed and inspired to try something new is incredible. Allowing people to get out there and give something that looks like a bit of fun a go, something they might not otherwise get to do, is truly amazing!

Let’s make stepping out of comfort zones fun.

3. Meet new people

Learning circus skills is an incredible way to connect with and meet a range of people from different backgrounds. By giving people the opportunity to attend a workshop or a class is a great way, especially for adults, to meet new people. Circus skills workshops give people the opportunity to meet people they may not ordinarily meet in their day-to-day life. People of ALL ages attend circus skills workshops and you’d be surprised at just who does dive on in and give things a go! The people who teach circus workshops ensure inclusivity, high vibes and the kind of instructing that supports EVERYONE to learn. When teaching circus classes and workshops, they create a supportive space where people come together to learn and play and end up sharing skills and tips for nailing moves.

Learning circus skills brings people together.

Organise a workshop for your next event

Circus workshops and playspaces are an incredible addition to any event. These offer an opportunity for you to try a bunch of circus props in a safe and supportive space. Great for birthdays, work parties, community events, or more. If you’re interested in finding out more about learning circus skills or organising a playspace, get in touch!

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