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Depending on who you are, the term smart hula hoop could mean some very different things. A quick google search might leave you slightly baffled and completely unclear on all things smart about hula hoops.

Let’s clear up some things here. There is a toy being branded as a smart hula hoop for fitness. This hoop resembles a toy from the late 80’s/early 90’s that some may remember. You popped it around your ankle and spun it while jumping it with the other foot. However, this toy now slips around your waist and you keep the outer string bit spinning out away from your body.

Trust us when we say that spinning a “normal” hula hoop is going to be a LOT more fun! That brings us now to two smart hula hoops, commonly referred to as:


This “smart hula hoop” toy is targeting people most likely searching for a weighted hula hoop. Weighted hula hoops have been heavily promoted to assist with weight loss in recent times. More than the hoop itself, the activity is the real winner when it comes to helping shed weight and tone up. Weighted hoops definitely have their place. One, they are generally a larger-sized hoop made from tubing with a wider diameter and a thicker wall which makes it heavier. These factors create a hoop that can spin slowly and give the body more feedback which is perfect for someone learning how to waist hoop. These weighted hula hoops are particularly good for bigger builds and will help build that muscle memory that is required to be able to sustain the hoop for any length of time. Practicing for only 5 minutes a day is all it takes to achieve that.

LED smart hula hoop performer | Hoop SparxLED HULA HOOPS

If you hear anyone in the hooping community say “smart hula hoop”, it’s highly likely they are referring to an LED hula hoop. There are many brands offering a range of hoops that really are SMART. Some LED hula hoops come with a single light-up design, perfect for someone that wants to play with something pretty. Other LED hoops can be programmed and store folders full of different patterns. These hoops are super smart and can be synced together. They are a highly valuable prop for professional hula hoopers.

LED hoops are also heavier than a standard polypro hula hoop as the hoop needs to enclose lights, batteries, and all the electronics that make it work. Unlike a weighted hula hoop, these are not large in circumference and for this reason, aren’t recommended for first-time hoopers.

I hope this has helped clear up some of the confusion that you might be experiencing as you try to learn all the new hoop lingo! Check out our range of Dance & Fitness hula hoops if you’re just getting started and are after a nice hoop to ease in with. If you’re ready to level up your hooping and looking for something to really sink into those off-body tricks with, then check out our range of polypro hula hoops.

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