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Creating and building a positive workplace environment is vital for any strong and successful business. You’re only as powerful as the team that supports you, so you want to make sure you build a mighty team. Currently, there is a shift occurring in workplaces all over the world.

For a lot of people working in the office was routine, however, that routine has been shaken up in the last few years what with people working from home. For some, they enjoyed the freedom that being at home gave them – the ability to get up and walk away from their desks to hang out the washing or fit in a midday online workout. Priorities have shifted and some workplaces are finding extreme hesitations from employees heading back into what feels like the daily office grind.


Exercise in the workplace isn’t a new idea. It was trending pre-Covid days, but it may be even more important now. People are concerned about their health. Covid shone a light on what was important, from exercising more to spending quality time with friends and family.

By offering exercise in the workplace, you are letting your employees know that you value them and care about their wellbeing. Physically and mentally supporting your team encourages positive behaviour from the core of the business that will spread outward.

The added benefits of how workplace exercise programs can also improve performance at work have been proven time and time again.

Besides the changes that Covid brought, there is also a generational shift underway in workplaces. Baby boomers are well-reaching retirement age, Gen X and increasingly Y are globally moving into upper management and CEO positions. Gen Y especially has spent their lives questioning the ways things have previously been done. Now they are finally starting to be in positions of power where they might be able to have an impact. Gen Z have also now entered the workforce, bringing with them a no-nonsense, ready-for-action attitude. They are keen to get behind what they believe in and quick to call out what they aren’t.

Creating a workplace that is safe and comfortable for all these people to come together and work hard toward a common goal is important. Supporting a healthy life/work balance and valuing employees as individuals helps with establishing a space that people want to not only exist within but really be an active part of.


Hula hooping is a super fun exercise that anybody can do. No matter a person’s age, size, fitness level, or ability there are hooping good times ahead for all. Our hula-hooping health and wellness sessions focus on FUN and fitness and create a much-welcomed break from the seriousness and pace of day-to-day work. The team can come together to have a laugh AND get active at the same time.

Get in touch to find out more about how you can start exercising in your workplace.

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