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The magic of the circus offers excitement and wonder. Why not bring the big top to your school with circus incursions. Our incursion facilitators are professional circus performers and entertainers who create a safe space for creating paths for communication, teaching, and learning.

Hula hoops, Diablos, juggling balls, spinning plates, flower sticks – are just some of the props that are available and suitable for all levels of abilities and interests.

Some benefits of circus incursions in schools:

Development of social skills and problem solving

Among developing social skills, enhancing problem solving, improving risk-taking and judgement; student’s self esteem and creativity are also explored through circus incursions.
Students are provided with an opportunity to learn a range of skills as they build trust with one another and themselves.

Encourages inclusivity and engagement

Circus incursions are a creative and fun way for students to connect and learn from each other. While some skills are more inward facing, others such as acrobatics heavily relies on team building and working together. Communication is vital when it comes to building a human pyramid or even partner juggling.

Physical activity and coordination

A recent study in Canada has found that circus activities improve movement competencies, confidence and motivation within students. There are a range of circus skills available to play with and there is something for everybody.

Circus incursion programs can be one off events or incorporated into the school curriculum through sports and performance classes. Hoop Sparx programs are designed by a qualified, experienced youth worker and trainer.

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