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When it comes to corporate team building, finding an activity that is accessible for a wide range of people is important. Things like differing physical abilities, ages, strengths, coordination, and more all need to be considered.

Hoop Sparx workplace activities encourage team building and interaction. They can also laterally embed key training day learnings and provide opportunities for collaborative problem-solving.

Here are 5 reasons hula hoops should be a part of your workplace team building.


Learning a new skill whilst having a laugh and doing (let’s face it) a rather ridiculous activity together, promotes connection and team work. The structure of the sessions can include individual learning within a group as well as small group challenges to really encourage everyone to work, I mean play, together.


When it comes to engaging your brain while working your body, hula hooping does it all. Blending the fitness side of a boot camp session with the focus of a dance class and the mindfulness of meditation and slow stretching, hula hoops are a fun way to bring some health and wellness into your place of business.


Hula hooping is a low-impact exercise and is accessible for all ages and fitness levels. By finding alternative and fun ways to help staff manage and reduce their stress levels, you are creating a healthy workplace. Decreasing daily stress levels within the workplace impacts a number of areas of business.

  • increase staff retention
  • decrease hiring costs
  • decrease staff absences
  • increase productivity


Physical activities in the workplace help to encourage and support a healthy work-life balance. When we exercise, endorphins are released and these chemicals help us have more energy and increase self-confidence. Our immune systems are also boosted by getting up and moving, which of course means we are healthier and able to perform better both at work and at play.


Our corporate team-building activities can be facilitated in almost any space you have, for 20 minutes to 2 hours. Perfect for breaking up a strategic planning day, introducing some lunchtime activities, or adding something different to your next work function. We have a range of workshops and activities for our corporate clients.

Our programs are designed by qualified trainers and assessors who have an understanding of change management, team building and outcome focussed program implementation. We are able to work with you and tailor our programs to suit your business objectives.

We provide free quotes, so get in touch and start chatting with us about getting some hula hoops spinning in your workplace.

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