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When it comes to learning how to hula hoop there are sooo many options available to suit different learning styles and skill levels.

Here are 5 ways you can learn how to hula hoop!


Hula hoop classes are a fantastic place to start learning how to hula hoop. If you have never hooped and you want to give it a spin, classes are the ultimate first step. Hoops will be provided for you to play with, there will likely be other first-timers, and you also get to meet a bunch of fun people out there also trying to learn something new.

You don’t need any prior experience to join a beginner hooping class and you don’t need to own a hula hoop. Of course, after doing some classes, you might want to purchase your own shiny fun hoop to practise with.


There is so much free content available on YouTube for learning how to hula hoop. These are generally short videos that offer tips and tricks that will have you spinning up a storm. One of the great things about YouTube videos is that you can pause them, rewatch them, and move through at your own pace. There are also so many people out there sharing what they know, you are bound to connect with and find someone that explains things in a way that works for you. You can even learn from hoopers in other countries and places that you otherwise might not get to come across.

Check out the Hoop Sparx YouTube channel with over 100 videos.


There can be a huge benefit to being able to pause, rewind, and rewatch someone teaching you how to hula hoop. Downloadable videos are great because you can keep them on your phone and watch them anywhere, anytime, without the need for an internet connection.

This can be super handy when travelling or when you want to be outside in nature. You have unlimited access and these videos are downloads of actual online classes which go for 45-60 minutes so they delve deeper into the moves, tricks, troubleshooting and transitions.


When you know that hooping is part of who you are and you’re thirsty to learn all the latest tricks, or you are stuck on a particular move or right at the start of your hooping journey without a class closeby or at a time that works for you, private lessons are an incredible way to level up. These sessions are tailored specifically to you and your hooping goals. You will nail those tricks faster with one on one guidance and advice.

Private lessons are available both in person and online.


Did you know that there is a magical place where you can go and intensely learn how to hula hoop for a weekend? Hula hoop retreats like Hoop Away provide an incredible opportunity to connect with other like-minded hoopers and learn some sweet new moves from world-class teachers. You will also experience and build supporting movement-based skills and strengths to help you on your hoopalicious journey.

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