Looking for a hula hoop class? Hoop Sparx has got you covered with online and in-person private lessons and group classes!

Get fit the fun way!

Surprise yourself!

Feel happier & fitter!

All levels of experience!

Why join an online hula hoop class?

  • Burn 7 calories per minute
  • Tone abs, obliques, butt, thighs. biceps, triceps, shoulders
  • Be a kid again and giggle while you workout
  • Challenge yourself
  • Join a safe, fun-filled learning environment where age, shape and experience don’t matter
  • Get fit – the fun way
  • Connect with other awesome people
  • Download video if you can’t make it to class

Learn dazzling hoop tricks,
get mega toned
and discover your own
hula hoop dance style
in these super interactive galactic classes!

Exercise has never been more hilarious. If you thought hula hooping was fun when you were a kid, you should try it as an adult. It’s quite the workout and takes a ton of co-ordination, but the best thing about it is, you’ll be laughing so hard you won’t even realise you’re working up a sweat.

CintiaMy Poppet

When I first started hooping I had virtually zero confidence. Going to Donna's sparkly classes, my confidence has blossomed and I feel so happy with my progress. I have learnt things I never thought possible (Look ma, no hands!) and most exciting of all I found my hoop flow during one of Donna's classes. I love going to class and it always leaves me in a good mood for the rest of the week.


Donna's enthusiasm for hooping is infectious, she's a fun and encouraging teacher, who builds on and connects each class so effortlessly. I love Hooping, it is relaxing and meditative, as well as great exercise!


Thank you for creating an upbeat and fun Hooping Vibe. It's a pleasure attending your weekly classes, I feel happy and energised after each class. I cannot wait until next term begins.


I had no idea what to expect when I signed up for hooping classes. It's more fun than I could have imagined! I am so hooked on hooping and the classes go so fast while I laugh and hoop away, and it's exercise at the same time! Donna is a great teacher and I look forward to continuing my hoop journey next term.


I’ve done a few classes here and there but these were especially well planned and really clicked with me, despite being very uncoordinated at the time. I’ve been practising since and it’s fantastic!


Had loads of fun last night, and feel great today - all those good endorphins from a bit of exercise and learning something new.


I enjoyed the classes. Donna is a great teacher and it was amazing how much was packed into one hour. I've learned so much in just two classes! cant wait to learn more.

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Where are classes?

Total Beginners and All Levels hula hoop classes are now ONLINE & IN-PERSON. For details about exact dates and times and all those things, check out our timetable.

If you want a hula hoop class at a different time, contact us and we can work with you to get something happening.

What you will learn

Whether you are just starting out or have been hooping for some time, the focus is on technique, creativity and flow. You will learn on-body and off-body moves and tricks, hoop dance combos, hoopercise drills, circus tricks and techniques, and how to link moves together to create hula hoop dance flow.

If you want to learn something specific or feel unsure about which hula hoop class is right for you, get in touch – we love talking hoop.

What to expect

Our hula hoop classes are a combination of inspiration, fitness, play and dance. Online & in-person hula hoop classes include instruction, practice and challenges for everyone.

Each move/trick will be taught to the group and then, as everyone practises, I will zoom in on each student and offer personalised trouble-shooting, tips and guidance to support you to really GET the moves.

There are 5-10 hoopers in every online class aged from about 20-65!

Each term runs for 8 weeks and each class focuses on different moves, tricks, drills, transitions and concepts. Classes don’t add on to each other so you can join at anytime although, people who come more regularly do start to get comfortable in the hula hoop and begin to pick things up a little quicker.

Classes run for 75 mins.

Find out what our students have to say.

When are the online & Melbourne hula hoop classes?

Online and in-person Melbourne hula hoop classes and workshops are on multiple weeknights so you’re bound to find a hula hoop class or workshop that suits you. 7:30pm AEST. The timetable changes regularly so please have a look! Sometimes there are classes 3 nights a week, sometimes less but there’s always a class to drop into!

For details about exact dates, check out our timetable.

If the existing times don’t work for you for hula hoop classes, try out an online /in-person private lesson or get in touch to arrange an online/in-person hula hoop workshop with your friends/colleagues at a time that suits you! All it takes is 3 people to get it started.

What you need

Wear comfy clothes, have a bottle of water closeby (and wine as some students choose to do!), a hula hoop, a smile and a bucketful of playfulness! If you need a hoop, check out our online hoop shop. All hoops shipped within 5 days.


Isn’t hula hooping for kids?

Hooping is for everyone! People from all walks of life are getting in on the spin. Even if you could never hoop as a child, the big, heavy hoops that we use in our adult classes rotate much slower, so it’s easier to keep them on your body.

Is it just standing there moving your hips for an hour?

Not at all, in fact far from it! There are a million and one ways to move with a hoop and engage all the muscles of your body. Plus it’s a fantastic way to release tension, elevate mood, re-energise and nurture creative expression.

Can men do it, or is it just for women?

Men can absolutely do it. Some of the best hoopers in the world are men. Hooping is inclusive of every gender, race, body type and physical ability.

Do I need to be young and slim?  

NO! This is one of the biggest misconceptions out there. Hooping can be taken up at any age by anyone of any size. Students are generally aged 14-70! Injuries, range of motion, flexibility, co-ordination – none of these are barriers when it comes to hooping. And while it is a terrific workout, each class has options for everyone.

What about injuries?

Check with your medical practitioner first and, if they give you the go ahead come along. Let the hula hoop facilitator know about your injury and they can adapt some of the movements and/or provide alternate options as you heal and get stronger.

Do I have to wear unicorn tights and a neon wig

Only if you want to! Just wear something you are comfortable to move in. Anything you would wear to exercise or a yoga class is perfect.

What if I can’t make it to the online hula hoop class? 

All online hula hoop classes will be recorded with a link to download them sent out within 1 hour of the class finishing. So, if you miss an online hula hoop class, you can catch up and practise it in your own time.


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