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1. Lilypad pool warmers

Okay, this one is for those with backyard pools. Save on evaporation and heat up your pool with these homemade lily pad warmers! What a great idea to repurpose not just one old hula hoop, but a whoooole bunch.

Learn how to make it here.
Photo credit: MakeZine

2. Giant jellyfish

Be the ball! Or, you could be a giant jellyfish. Costumes are great way to incorporate found objects. I guess you’ll have to wait around until someone has a deep sea monsters party (I had one once, no lie). Or you could throw your own bash and be like a jelly. Old hula hoop to the rescue!

Tutorials on how to make it here.
Photo credit: Giant like horses

3. DIY hula hoop cloche to protect veggies

One of my favourite uses for an old hula hoop is to cut it once, and use it in the garden as a cloche (“cloh-sh”) to protect veggies. Awesome as a project with kids or when you visit your mum’s backyard farm.

Learn how to make it here.
Photo credit: Here

4. Chandelier

Let’s get SHINY. Circles really can be repurposed in every way. Check out this funky DIY chandelier.. You could use an old hula hoop, or heck, even a new one, to create this beautiful light filled centrepiece in your home.

Find out how to make it here.
Photo credit: Dollarstore Crafts

5. Giant sculpture

Okay, we’re drawing a long bow here but if you really have:

a) the time
b) the drive

You can create an entire art sculpture made entirely out of… a humble old hula hoop. It’s pretty mesmerising… If you’ve got 1-2000 hoops.

See the insane shopping list here.
Photo credit: Deezeen

6. Huge handbag

Remember these crazy bags designed by Chanel? Soooo useful. Soooo handy. Learn how to make your very own overzised insane bag with an old hula hoop!

Learn how to DIY here.
Photo credit: Jezebel

7. A shower

This is quite possibly one of the best costume ideas I’ve ever seen. I kicked out something less interesting from the list in favour of sharing this shower costume with the world… featuring an old hula hoop.

See a short tutorial here.
Photo credit: Bonggamom

8. Christmas tree

Is it the season yet? Ahem, ahem! Get real DIY with this amazing christmas tree made out of hoops. You can decorate away so that old hula hoop gets covered and transformed into a beautiful butterfly! Weeeeee!

See how to make it here.
Photo credit: here

9. Mosquito net

Hot climate? Going travelling? Mosquito nets are super easy to make and in my opinion, one of the best utilities for an old hula hoop.

Find a tutorial here.
Photo credit: Steval Decorations

10. Kick Croquet


Step one – work opened hula hoops into the ground.
Step two – assemble your children and a soccer ball.
Step three – PLAYYYYYY.

Tutorial here!
Photo credit: Via Pinterest

11. Little dome tent or nook

Forts are becoming popular with adults again! Hooray! Okay, okay, and they’re great for kids. Assemble your very own nook by grabbing some sheeting or material, one old hula hoop, and draping fabric over it.

Or see a more detailed tutorial here.
Photo credit: Obsessively Stitching

12. A yard garbage bag that stays open

This is just plain clever. Best handy use of an old hula hoop goes to the Garbage Bag project.

See how to make it on this site.
Photo credit: here

13. Colourful handmade rug

Let’s get crafty! It doesn’t matter if your old hula hoop is mega ugly or covered in ripped old tape. Hide it by using it as the circular structure inside a rug project. Pretty gorgeous eh?

See a tutorial here.
Photo credit: Flax and Twine

14. Bow and arrow


Thank you internet! Never would I have thought to construct a bow and arrow from half an old hula hoop. Or two bows and arrows with one hula hoop. MATHS. It’s playtime.

Find out how here.
Photo credit: Doodlecraft

15. Giant bubble maker

Wow this is so coooool. It’s like all my childhood dreams come true. You’re going to need a bubble mixture, a big vessel to hold the mixture in, and an old hula hoop. And some clothes that can get slimey.

Learn how to make a giant bubble maker here!
Photo credit: No biggie

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