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Let’s get one things straight – we are talking about traditional hula hoops over here and not the gimmicky “fitness” hoops. You might have come across the two common types of hoops sold as weighted fitness hoops; either a more solid tube or a snug waist-fitting ring with a bit that spins out and away from your body. These hoops fall into the Thigh Master category of hoops. Over here I am talking about big basic, heavier hula hoops and the reasons I love hooping with them!

Big is beautiful!

When it comes to learning how to hula hoop, bigger is better! A weighted hoop generally has a larger diameter and is made from thicker tubing. This is what gives the hoop the extra weight. Big hoops are perfect for learning on-body hooping (think waist, chest, shoulders) and really hone in on how to keep that hoop spinning. The bigger the hoop, the slower the spin. This is because it takes longer to do one rotation so you don’t have to push as many times to keep it going. If you are just starting out, a big hula hoop allows you time to sink into your body and discover the muscles you need to engage to keep spinning for hours! The additional weight provides more feedback as it moves across the body which, for many people, means that responding to the hoops’ movement and connecting with the rhythm becomes easier. If mastering on-body hooping is what you’re after, a weighted hoop in your collection is a must!

Big hoops aren’t just for beginners though. Hooping is for everybody, and weighted hoops are great for taller and larger-bodied people.

Tone it up.

A weighted hoop can seriously help add an extra boost to your body conditioning workouts. As you learn to hold that hoop up you will be building a strong core. Activating and strengthening your core is fantastic for improving your balance, stability, and posture. It’s not just your middle section that gets a good workout either. To hoop you need to activate many muscles in your body including your legs, butt and lots of finer, stabilising muscles. You can take advantage of the weighted hoop and add some arm spins to your session to really start toning up your shoulders and arms too. If you do this, make sure you activate the muscles around your shoulder blades and really stabilise your shoulders. These hoops are weighted after all!

Go with the flow.

As you get comfy with your hoop you will be able to start playing with it more and discovering fun new things to try – like walking, turning, dancing whilst waist-hooping! The weighted hula hoops are suitable for learning all upper body, on-body moves and really discovering freedom of movement within the hoop. For many, these hoops are the key to finding your on-body hoop flow. Try popping on some of your fave tunes and getting lost in your hooping practise. You might even want to bring your hoop along to a class (or pick one up when you get there) and learn some new tricks, combos and moves.

Are you ready to choose a bright orange or a sparkly weighted hula hoop to start spinning?

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