Twin Hooping


60 minute downloadable hula hoop class.

Focus: Two hoop moves. Hand spin, arm spin from static start, hand/arm direction changes, iso tracer move, Z-spin handspin combo, fan folds and more. Beginner to intermediate. Learn hoop flow and tech.
Tricks, tips, training, trouble-shooting + a combo circuit! 
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Twin Hooping

Download a 1 hour video recording of a live online class:

  • Hoopy Warm Up
  • Waist Hooping Cardio Blast
  • Hand Hooping Drills for Control
  • Grip Strength Direction Change Drills
  • Arm Hooping Static Start
  • Arm Hooping Direction Changes
  • Hand & Arm Hooping Same Time, Split Time, Same Direction, Opposite Direction
  • Tracing 2 Hoop Iso Move
  • Z-Spin and One Hand Z-Spin, One Hand Back Plane Spin Pattern
  • Fan Folds
  • Twin Hoop Combo


  • Tips
  • Trouble-shooting

What to expect from downloadable class videos

Donna Sparx will share with you foundational and cutting-edge innovative moves to take your hooping to the next level. This is a video recording of a live online class.

The Hoop Sparx All Levels class is a beginner and intermediate hula hoop class in one. Classes focus on finding a connection with the hoop and self as a means to discovering your own flow and creating new hoop dance moves and tricks. You will be encouraged to play, explore, discover and develop your own individual hoop dance style. Using group and individual instruction, choreography, improvisation and practise, these online sessions are suitable for beginner and intermediate hoopers.

What You’ll Need

  • You will need two hoops. If you don’t have two already, add a hoop/s to this order
  • Hoop space
  • Playfulness, water bottle and comfy clothes.

About the Facilitator

Donna Sparx is a professional hula hoop dancer who is passionate about bringing the dance into the hoop and sharing the freedom found in play and flow. Recognised globally for her creativity, innovation, flow facilitation and playful approach, she has shared the hoopla with thousands of people aged 2 to 72! Donna has performed with the Women’s Circus and at many festivals and events. She brings a passion and playfulness to her work that is infectious.
Her motto: Do it ‘til you can.

When not playing with or teaching hoops, Donna can be found doing acro, pilates, dooping (hooping at the dog park – yes, it’s possible to hula hoop, drink coffee and throw a ball for the dog at the same time), or deciding which leggings will best reflect her mood today.

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